Cheesy Enchilada Soup {Recipe}

Creamy, cheesy, and with just enough heat, this soup is perfect for a cold fall or winter night. Plus it’s completely made from scratch and only takes about thirty minutes, start to finish! #homemade #cheesesoup #chickensoup #fromscratch

Food Prep Week 5 – Cookie Dough, Cookie Bars, Granola Bars, & Puppy Chow

It’s the final week of the food prep parties! In case you are just joining us I’m spending time every week stocking my freezer and pantry with items that will make life, especially meal prep, significantly easier now that school is starting. This is week number five but here are week oneweek twoweek three, and week four.

My freezer is so full I’m not sure it can handle much more! We’ve eaten a few containers of the beans from week one and we couldn’t resist eating some of everything I made in week two. The chicken from week three barely had a chance to freeze before I used some for dinner one night and one loaf of banana bread from week four never even made it to the freezer! It’s no surprise that in week five some of the food was sampled before it it the freezer as well. At least we know it’s good! 

I’ve got a wicked sweet tooth and I’ve learned that although I love to bake and would eat it all it’s definitely better if I store it out of sight in order to make it last. I have the mindset that I need to eat something before it “goes bad” and in three days an entire batch of cookies is gone! No need with the freezer. I make my desserts or snacks and stash them in the freezer so they are ready when I need them but don’t have immediate access when I get hungry. It’s perfect!

Food Prep Week 4 – Peanut Butter & Jelly, Banana Bread, Banana Muffins, and 30 Minute Rolls {Recipes}

Welcome back for another round of stocking the freezer to prepare for back to school season! If you are just joining us I’m posting recipes and ideas every Tuesday in August to fill your pantry and freezer with foods that will make life a tad easier once school starts. I don’t make full blow freezer meals but I like having meal components ready to go so I can pull a breakfast or dinner together in less time. Here are week oneweek two, and week three

This week I’m making some “extras” and I got the kids involved. First up: Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches! Many people don’t realize you can freeze them but have you ever seen Uncrustables at your grocery store? They are in the freezer!