Today was hard

I don’t know if it was the four day weekend, the extremely cold temperatures keeping us cooped up inside, or something else throwing off the normal groove of the house, but today was hard. 

The kids were riled up. Typical sibling squabbles escalated quickly, common house rules were ignored and even with reminders were still broken. Screams echoed around the house as the kids yelled harsh words at each other. No one listened the first time when directions were given. 

Today was hard. 

Last chance to get the Parenting Super Bundle for only $29.97!

Today is the final day of the Parenting Super Bundle sale! I’ve been yelling from the rooftops about this sale since Wednesday and I’m starting to go a little hoarse 😉 I’m not sure what else I could say to convince you how valuable this bundle is. Many of these resources aren’t available anymore outside the bundle and eight of the products are each worth the price of the bundle all by themselves. 

Paid vs. Unpaid Chores – and why we do both

It’s a topic that is debated quite frequently around the mom and family blogosphere. Some people are in the camp that doing chores and household tasks is part of being in the family and therefore don’t require compensation. Others believe school is a child’s “job” and household chores count as extra work. Then there are beliefs all over in between with every type of combination you could imagine. 

Conduct and Character

Have you ever been listening to a sermon and gotten knocked upside the head by the message? I hope so! Sometimes I listen to the sermon and while it’s great, it doesn’t penetrate deep. Other times? It’s like God took a 6×6 post (it can’t simply be a 2×4 for how hard I’ve been hit sometimes) and clobbered me so the message could sink in. But in a totally good way. Like it was exactly what has been on my heart but I couldn’t put into words. 

Journey to Motherhood {Three Word Wednesday}

Eight years ago today I woke up from a late afternoon nap ready to get dinner started. I stood up from the couch and felt the *pop* and a *gush.* My water had broken and all the plans, dreams, and prayers of so many years was coming to be. 

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. From way back when I imagined myself as a mom to three kids and sometimes the last two were twins. The twin dream disappeared after a while once I realized how much work babies are (God has a great sense of humor!) but I still knew that my future held kids. 

6 lessons for potty training twins {from a momma in the process}

Earlier this summer Anders and Cade both became interested in using the potty. All of our kids have shown a fairly early interest in the potty and all have been trained by the age of two. I don’t know how it has worked with five kids (even though the little ones aren’t fully trained yet) but if I figure out the secret and can bottle it for those of you sick of buying diapers I will be sure to do it. It may have something to do with using cloth diapers, or it could be because I was an early trainer, or it could be a total fluke. 

It’s possible if we waiting until they were older we could bunker down and do one of the 3-day methods that you see floating around the internet but I don’t feel like hiding in my house for 3 days straight with naked kids. We let the kids take the lead and decide on their own readiness and this seems to work well for them. Training the older kids was pretty straight forward because there was one of them to train – they asked, we took them, all done. Training twins is double the work but quadruple the mess. Or at leastthat’s what I’ve come up with  if I’ve done my math correctly, ha!

So what have I learned about training twins so far?