My favorite “me time” moments

As a mom of five kids between ages one and seven my “me-time” is obviously quite limited. Heck, any mom of any kids usually has a limited amount of “me-time.” In order to maintain any semblance of sanity and “Katie” as a person I have a few activities I enjoy that don’t take much time, money, or effort to enjoy.

1. Blasting music and singing my heart out

I have a terrible singing voice but I don’t let this stop me. My go-to is usually something from my late high school through college years like Taking Back Sunday, The Early November, Dashboard Confessional, and Relient K but sometimes I’ll go back to my childhood and play Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Whitney Houston, Meat Loaf, and Journey. There are are also select musicals or musical episodes from my favorite shows that can also fit the bill. 

In order to really make this “me-time” I’ll take a drive, crank the volume, and just belt out the lyrics. Bonus points if I lose my voice!


2. Hot shower and worship music

While a solo ride in the car is for “guilty pleasure” music the shower is my favorite place to worship. There is something so uplifting about washing away everything and singing to God. I can’t help but raise my hands in awe of all that He’s done. I come out feeling clean and refreshed every time.  



3. Coffee

Hot or cold depending on the season but a good cup of coffee with some delicious flavored creamer is a perfect treat. Nine months out of the year I always go for the hot stuff but during the summer months it needs to be cold. 

While I have every intention of brewing actual cold coffee someday right now I go for what is easy. After a pot has cooled I pour it into a container and stick it in the fridge to keep it ready for my afternoon treat. When I start hitting my slump around 2pm I grab a cup, toss in some ice, pour in creamer, sugar, and coffee. The kids might be going bonkers but if I close my eyes I can almost pretend I’m in a quiet place all by myself… almost. 


4. Reading

I love a good book (duh, I was an English major) and I love the chance to sit and read for even 10-20 min without interruption. This is such a rare treat with five kids. In the afternoon (when the littles are napping and the big boys are outside or having their own quiet reading time) is my best chance for some personal reading, often with that cheapo iced coffee in hand!

My favorites are usually a mystery, often a murder mystery, but I’m also a sucker for a good young adult book. I’m one of those people that really tries to read a book before seeing a movie so that makes finding books rather simple most of the time. Plus I’m a Potterhead so I try and reread those books every time I get the urge… which is fairly often. 


5. Playing in the kitchen

When the twins were born we were blessed by friends and family stocking our freezer with ready made meals. This was a huge help but I also managed to space them out for probably six months because I love cooking and baking! I couldn’t imagine being out of the kitchen any longer than I already had due to bedrest before they were born.

There is something incredibly soothing and therapeutic to me about making food for my family. I think it’s a trait I picked up from my dad and maternal grandpa. Both spent lots of time in the kitchen and used food as a way to express love. It’s partly that way for me and more. I just love food! And if I want good food I better learn to make it. Now if someone else could do the cleaning, that’d be great.


What are your favorite ways to get in some quick “me-time?”

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