My Week’s Joy – 2/22-2/28

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be a great idea to look back each week at those things that brought me the most joy. This is far too fitting for my blog to ignore the idea so I look forward to posting these each week!

1. Watching this little lady sleep
We’ve been having trouble with her actually going to bed when she’s supposed to, staying in bed, etc., so when I actually find her asleep? Praise the Lord! Of course right after this I had to wake her up so we could go pick her big brothers up from school but I couldn’t pass up a quick snapshot of such a peaceful moment. 

2. These two!
I know I just shared pretty much the exact same sentiment a week or two ago but I am fascinated at the relationship between twins now! It’s just amazing to see them developing and learning along side each other. They love this climber that we got them for their birthday. They only recently started crawling through the bottom so it’s so fun to see them learning about the different levels and interacting with each other.

3. My boys!
Mercedes got sick on Tuesday afternoon so Micah came home to help with her while I managed the other four. It’s rare to not have her around and while I was obviously super bummed that she was feeling so cruddy it was nice to spend some with just my boys. We all love making silly faces so clearly the camera needed to come out! Although trying to hold my phone steady enough to take a forward facing picture while four boys are climbing on me is not easy!

4. Date night!
We don’t do out of the house dates very often but that makes it so much more special when we do. We are incredibly blessed to have my brother attending school near us and he has been our go-to sitter for the last five years. He gives us “free babysitting” coupons for our birthdays and Christmas which is a win-win for both sides. We get to go out without the added cost of a sitter and being a college kid he appreciates the savings on buying tangible gifts! 

We enjoyed dinner at a Mongolian Grill that we used to frequent quite regularly but it’s gotten quite harder with the kids. So now it’s a date night place for the time being with is fine by us! We followed that up with a leisurely walk around Target (we are so old, ha!) and then some frozen yogurt. Best part? We had somehow accumulated $10 in rewards on our account so we got free frozen yogurt! Score 😀

I didn’t get any pictures because we try not to have our phones out too much when we are on our dates but I kind of wish I had snapped a quick one because I was rocking my “faux hawk” hair style that I love to do. Next time!

5. Beautiful spring weather
Spring made a short visit today and we saw the temps get up to 54* on Saturday! It disappeared just as quickly but we got the kids bikes down and all five got to run around and burn off lots of energy with just sweatshirts on. The little boys had an absolute blast since they so rarely get the chance to be outside playing and the big kids enjoyed revisiting the bikes and scooters after putting them away for the winter. 

What brought you joy this week?

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