Countdown to Christmas Activities {Free Printable}

Advent has started and the kids are itching to do all sorts of fun activities. Countdown to Christmas with fun and easy activities using these free printable activity cards! Pull one out when you need an easy idea.

I’ve got another FREE printable to share with you today! 

Last week I shared with you a printable workbook so you could plan out what you want your holiday season to look like. I want you to think about all the things you love (and don’t love) about the season and plan accordingly. I mentioned that you may want to include some fun activities with your kids but that you want to make sure you have what you need for those things – it lessens the stress when you are prepared! But how do you do that?

Last year I made the kids a chain link countdown to Christmas. Each link contained an activity to do together as a family or just the kids. I had things like “Read a Christmas Book” or “Make the nativity out of LEGO” and “Eat Christmas pancakes for dinner.” I planned it all ahead of time to make sure I had supplies, ingredients, and enough time for every activity in the chain. On days we would be strapped for time I planned for a short book or coloring activity but on days we had more time we made paper snowflakes or painted homemade ornaments. They kids loved opening up a chain each morning to find out what the activity would be and it made me be more purposeful because I wasn’t just winging it all season. So much less stress when I knew what was coming. 

This year I’m going to do something similar and I wanted to share it with all of you as well! I made two pages worth of fun Christmas activity cards for you to use. You could glue them to strips of paper and make your own chain countdown, fold them and put them in a jar and pull one out each time you need an idea, or make an calendar of some type with them. There are a few repeat events plus I made a total of 32 cards. Not everyone will have access to snow to make a snowman or likes to do crafts. I wanted to offer lots of options that would help these printables work for everyone. 

Some of the activities require little to no prep work like turning on holiday music and having a dance party or playing a game by the Christmas tree. Others need a little time to get ready like making chain garland, an ornament for the tree, or sending Christmas cards to soldiers and neighbors. I also included a spot for “create your own activity” in case you have a tradition or idea that I don’t know about (and in that case – share it with me, please!!).

I’m still trying to decide how I want to use my cards this year. I liked having all the activities planned for certain days to make sure they landed on days that worked for us but I kind of want to mix things up and do something other than a chain this year. Maybe I’ll collect some toilet paper rolls (cause we definitely go through enough around here!) and make a little advent calendar with the activity cards tucked inside. Good thing I have a few weeks to figure this out!

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What are your favorite ways to countdown to Christmas? How about a favorite holiday activity? Are you ready for the holiday season or are you in denial that it’s a few weeks away?

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