7 Favorite Holiday Albums

Nothing gets me in the mood for the holidays quite like Christmas music. Here are my favorite holiday albums that I keep playing nearly non-stop from November through January!

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Have you started playing Christmas music yet? Now that our tree is up – it went up last weekend – and Thanksgiving is over it’s on ALL THE TIME in our house. We have dance parties to the music, I have it on in the kitchen when I’m cooking or cleaning, it plays in the car… you get the idea. I can’t get enough Christmas music! And now that the BIG DAY is only one month away… 

For me, Christmas music is the icing on the cake for setting the holiday mood. I’ve got favorites on rotation constantly with a few randoms thrown in for fun but I wanted to share my absolute must-have, go-to albums with you. These never fail to get played year after year. Some are old classics and others are newer. I’m looking forward to listening to some new albums and artists this year to see if anything will get added to this list. 

7 Favorite Holiday Albums for the Perfect Holiday Playlist

1. Vocal Few – Snowdrift EP

This is a new addition in recent years to our holiday playlist but it has quickly become a favorite for all seven of us! Even the kids sing along. Their version of Oh Holy Night is probably my favorite of all time. It bums me out that this album only has five songs because I could listen to so much more of their incredible voices.

2. Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas

I’m pretty sure this was the first Christmas album I ever owned. I believe I bought it through one of those mail order services where you get a certain number of CDs for pennies and then have to pay for the rest at highly marked up prices. Ah, to be a sucker of a teenager again! If you can listen to Carey’s version of “Oh Holy Night” and not get chills when she hits those high notes I’m not sure you are human. Just kidding. But seriously. Her voice is incredibly and she does all these songs justice. 

3. She & Him – A Very She & Him Christmas

This is a newer addition to my list as it’s only been out for a few years. Micah introduced me to She & Him because we are both big Zooey Deschanel fans. She’s adorably quirky and awkward in New Girl and very memorable as the love interest for Buddy in Elf. They’ve redone some of the biggest Christmas classics and I love them all. 

4. Relient K – Let it Snow Baby… Let it Reindeer

This right here is probably my absolute favorite Christmas album now. I adore Relient K and they carry their typical fun poppy-punk into classic and new Christmas songs. My favorite song on the album (and probably my favorite Christmas song period) is “I Celebrate the Day.” It’s the perfect reminder of why we celebrate. It moves me as much as any worship song can. 

5. Amy Grant – Home for Christmas

This is another childhood favorite that I actually asked Micah to buy it for me after we were first married. I was a big Amy Grant fan as a kid and I remember hearing this album along with another of her Christmas albums being played at family Christmas parties. “Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)” is probably my favorite on the album these days. It didn’t mean much to me as a child but now as a mom to think about how Mary must have felt being chosen by God to bring this gift into the world. 

6. Michael Bublé – Christmas

I had never heard of Michael Buble until a friend shared this album with me. His voice is like buttah! Ha! He does great justice to every song on this album and I’m so glad it’s now part of my rotation. 

7. Amy Grant – A Christmas Album

I told you I was an Amy Grant fan! Confession: This album is actually older than I am. But not by much! I’m bummed that this album isn’t available on Prime Music but I could easily buy my favorite tracks or buy the actual album for pretty cheap. 

Many of these albums are available to stream for FREE if you are an Amazon Prime member. In fact, they have HUNDREDS of Christmas albums ready for you listen to. Even better? It’s all ad free. I’ve got all the albums here that are available for Prime members loaded into a playlist for me to access anytime I want, either on my computer or with the Amazon Music app, which are free to download! You can also listen in your browser if you prefer not to download anything. 

One thing to remember with Prime Music is that there are “only” 2 million songs included with your Prime membership. If you want access to a larger library you can choose one of their subscription plans. I think it would all depend on what your needs/wants for music capabilities are but 2 million songs is pretty great! And the selection is pretty fantastic so it’s not like they only offer the unknown or less than stellar artists. 

If you are a Prime member and want to try out Amazon Music Unlimited you can get a Free 30-day trial.

If you are not a Prime member you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to experience all the benefits, including Amazon Music. Just remember to cancel before the 30 days are up if you don’t want to continue so you aren’t charged the yearly price. Now is a great time to sign up for a free trial so you can get your holiday shopping done with free 2-day shipping and have access to all this great music during December. 

While I’ve been writing this post I’ve had several of these albums playing (yay, Prime Music!) and now I am so pumped for the holidays to be here! I’ve been getting my menus planned out, I’ve got the advent calendar made for the kids to start on the 1st and I know what we are getting most people for gifts. Bring it on, Christmas, we are ready for you! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to crank up the tunes, make myself some peppermint mocha coffee, and put my feet up. 

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What are your favorite Christmas or holiday albums? What about favorite song? Any you simply skip over?   

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