Potato Head faces, spa night, and holiday baking – six things that brought me joy this week

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Inspired by one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be a great idea to look back each week at those things that brought me the most joy. This is far too fitting for my blog to ignore the idea so I look forward to posting these each week!

Getting back into our normal routine went better than expected this week. I really thought we’d have meltdowns, especially when Micah left for work each day, but they adjusted well. We are also on full holiday mode around here. We’ve started our LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar, our LEGO Christmas countdown candle, and our Christmas countdown activity calendar. Each of the big kids rotates around so they have one to do each day. They are so excited to do their part. But where else did I find joy this week?


1. Potato Head faces

Just when I think I can start thinning out our Potato Head supply they go and do something like this. Gah! So hilarious. Cade put the beard on his face first and as soon as he dropped it Anders grabbed it and copied his brother. We got some big giggles out of each other! 


2. “Cuddle, mommy”

When a two year old asks you to cuddle you stop what you are doing and cuddle. I wanted to get some work done but cuddles are far more important. The work got done eventually! 


3. Spa night

For Mom’s Night Out this month we pampered our MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) moms with a spa night at church. Two massage therapists donated their time, we did facials and painted nails plus there was a make & take essential oils table. And FOOD. It was such a fun and relaxing night for our moms. I made some peppermint hand soap so now I get flooded with wonderful peppermint every time I wash my hands – perfect for the holidays!


4. Wearing their car seat ponchos

I finished Cade’s poncho a couple weeks ago – just in time to use it for the colder weather. They look so adorable walking around in their coordinating ponchos and we get dozens of compliments on them wherever we go. People are genuinely bummed when I tell them I made them and I don’t sell them. If I had storage for fleece and assembled ponchos I may consider it someday but that day is not now! For now I’ll soak up the cuteness in seeing the kids wear them. 


5. Holiday Baking

While I got a little baking done before Thanksgiving we officially began our holiday baking this weekend. Day 3 of our Countdown to Christmas Activity calendar told us to “Bake Christmas Cookies” so we listened! We made dozens and dozens of spritz cookies. These are one of my favorite because I love the almond flavor and how they simply melt in my mouth. I also made sugar cookie dough cups and red velvet white chocolate chip cookies. Yummy! And then I promptly put some in the freezer and sent a large tin to work with Micah so I don’t have as many hanging around here asking to be eaten. 


6. Her special outfit

Mercedes is one of only two girl grandkids on Micah’s side of the family. Then there are six boy grandkids. Her cousin is 15 months older than her and they simply love each other to pieces. Khloe passed on some of her clothes to Mercedes when we visited over Thanksgiving and I think Mercedes has worn something she inherited every day since we returned. She picked this outfit for church on Sunday and wanted me to snap a picture to send to her cousin. I asked her to pose and this is what she gave me. Such a goofball! And when did I give her permission to grow up? 


We’ve got some fun things on the agenda this week (Parker has his first school Christmas concert!) plus I’m really looking forward to the activities in our countdown calendar. The kids get to make ornaments for the tree tonight so I’m sure I’ll be sharing pictures on Instagram and Facebook of those. 


What brought you joy this week? Have you started your holiday baking yet? Share your favorite Christmas cookie or treat with me in the comments!


If you need a place to plan a stress free holiday season you can grab my printable holiday planner for free. You can also get free printable Countdown to Christmas activity cards if you go here.


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