My Favorite Blogs

How can I narrow down a list of my favorite bloggers so I don’t overwhelm people? Yikes. I’m going to try! 

  • Money Saving Mom
    I swear everyone I know already knows about her but just in case you don’t! Crystal Paine is such a fabulous person. She is down to earth, sweet, and sincere in everything she writes. Her blog helped us greately when I was an avid couponer and trying to figure out how to live a more frugal life.
  • A Slob Comes Clean
    Nony is my soul sister. Although I have aspirations of doing a true “KonMari” method of tidying up our house I know myself and my husband well enough to know that we won’t ever finish her method. Maybe when the kids are gone. But Nony? She gets it. She understands “slob vision” and how easy it is to overlook the same pile of whatever more than once. I feel so understood when I read her posts.
  • Meg’s Everyday Indulgence
    You will probably find me sharing Meg’s recipes quite often. I met Meg several years ago through a local MOPS group and at that point she was just starting her blog. She’s such a doll and I was definitely sad to see her move away so soon after I started to get to know her. The recipes she chooses are fantastic and we’ve loved every single one we’ve tried. Plus her kids are darn adorable and they love to help her out!
  • Grace and Lemonade
    Natalie is one of those women that just make me feel so in awe of someone’s faith and strength. She is so filled with God’s love that it just radiates out of her. I don’t think I’ve ever come away from a conversation with her not feeling Christ’s love. That is something immensely special. 
  • The Generous Wife
    I think this is probably the blog I have followed the longest. I found it not longer after we got married and love to share it with other wives. Lori speaks the truth about what it really means to be a good partner. She doesn’t hold back on sensitive topics. Her husband runs The Generous Husband and Micah has been following it just as long. I highly recommend adding this on your “to follow” list. 

I read so many others but these are the bloggers whose posts I look forward to and really take the time to read. I’ll probably share some other blogs I really enjoy as time goes by but for now I’ll leave you with these.

Do you have other blogs you love to read? Do you have your own blog? Shout them out below and I’ll take a look!

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