I get out what I put in: A reminder about sowing and reaping

We all know how it works. You can only reap what you choose to sow. We can only achieve the dreams that we put forth the effort to work towards.  And so many other wordings of the same idea.

Sometimes I need this truth to knock me upside the head. 

Back in 2010 I put in major effort to lose the baby weight I had put on after back to back pregnancies with my two oldest boys. I was hanging on to about seventy extra pounds and hated the way all my clothes fit. I knew we weren’t planning on another baby for a while so I put my mind to it and worked hard. I watched my portions, I worked out four to five days per week, I said no to extra treats, and basically worked harder than I had in quite a long time.

I didn’t completely deny myself all my favorites but I made a point of only having a small serving or a couple bites rather than the insane amount I would have allowed myself before. My work paid off and within a year of starting I had lost all the weight plus a little extra and felt great. 

I’m back in this situation again. I’m still hanging on to about twenty pounds leftover from the last two pregnancies. I know exactly what I need to do I just seem to be dragging my feet about actually buckling down and doing it.


Well, cake and pizza are really good… but are they worth it? Okay, maybe sometimes a slice of pizza is worth it 😉 But I have pizza EVERY WEEK as part of our standard menu. Yes it’s awesome but I know I’ll get it again seven days later so do I really need to eat as much as I do?

This makes me think about my relationship with God. I desperately want to know Him more, deepely, intimately. I see other women that I consider mentors who are so “mature” in their faith and I want that. I can’t get it by wishing and hoping it will someday happen. I need to put in the effort.

@@It’s not enough just to love Jesus if I want the relationship to grow. I need to be spending time in the Word on a regular basis.@@

For too long I simply read my devotional and maybe think about it for a little while but I don’t spend time really meditating on it. I pray frequently but it’s usually the same requests and gratitude prayers rather than listening to what He wants from me.

I’ve been working on waking up early (even earlier than my ridiculously early early-risers) and spending quiet time with God. I notice the difference on the days I don’t make this a priority. This wasn’t a feasible plan for me even a couple months ago with how often my kids were waking up at night but now that they are sleeping more consistently this is a time I am usually guaranteed and I look forward to it. @@And when my kids do come find me having quiet time with God? It’s a chance for them to see that Mommy doesn’t just talk about Jesus but she walks with Him as well.@@

Are their areas in your life you want to grow in? Areas in which you are hesitant to put in the effort? What can you do today to start?


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