A self portrait and five random facts

In an effort to help all of you get to know me better I’m going to be doing some fun posts this month that allow me to share a little bit more about myself, my interests, my family, and whatever else I come up with to dish out! Sound good? Let’s go!

1. I didn’t care about the color pink until after Micah came along

Seriously. In fact in high school I down right hated the color because it was “girly” and I didn’t want to be “girly” in any way. I loved being a tomboy and dressing as casual and frumpy as possible. Once he entered the picture I found out that it was his favorite color so I entertained the idea of it being a part of my life. After buying a shirt in pink and realizing it works with my skin tone and nearly any of my hair colors I now have a great love for pink. I even “allowed” it as one of our wedding colors 😉

2. The only tea I like is this Mother’s Milk Tea

and I’m realizing I can’t drink it forever. I’ve tried other teas and I can get them down but they aren’t comforting or enjoyable to me. I’ll have a cup a few times as a week when I know I’ve hit my limit on coffee for the day but still want a warm beverage. But someday Anders and Cade will wean and I’ll need to stop drinking it. Someday.

3. I would love to be in a musical

but I have absolutely no voice. My singing is not even tolerable to myself, let alone a full theatre full of people so my Broadway dreams will remain dreams. But man is it fun to pretend to sing and dance for a packed house! I think God purposely didn’t give me a singing voice so I wouldn’t get too full of myself, ha!

4. I drive my kids crazy with my dancing

It’s rare for music, even commercials, theme songs to shows, or internet videos, to come on and for me to not break out into some type of silly dance move. Dance is in my blood and I just can’t stop the movement. I’ll dance if I want to. I can leave my kids behind. Cause my kids don’t dance and if they don’t dance then they’re no kids of mine. Or maybe not. But they definitely don’t think I’m as awesome as I apparently do. 

5. I’m pretty sure I could be happy on a diet of pizza, lo mein, and tacos… with ice cream and brownies thrown in for good measure

As a kid when everyone describes what heaven will be like and there are buffet lines of food for as far as the eye could see this is what mine are filled with. I could rotate between these three foods and be totally content in life. It’s a good thing I can control myself and add some variety to our menu for everyone else’s sake. 

Do you have five random facts to share about yourself?


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