Being His Hands and Feet

It was a completely normal pregnancy up until about 35 weeks. Well, other than being a twin pregnancy it was a normal pregnancy. My doctor was amazed at how well my body was handling the stress of carrying two babies, especially with how much trouble I had with Mercedes. 

At my 35 week check up my blood pressure had spiked. I got sent immediately to Labor & Delivery. I didn’t even get to pack a bag, I was told I would be there for a couple hours to do a non-stress test and some lab work. A couple hours passed and I was now being admitted for at least the weekend, if not until they decided the boys needed to come out. 

Micah was obviously nervous needing to leave me in the hospital but he needed to be at home for the kids. But we were completely unprepared for me to be gone at this point. I’m the primary cook and house runner since he works long hours. I let a small number of friends and family know what was going on so they could keep my health and the babies health in their prayers. They went above and beyond what I could have ever asked. 

My dear, sweet friends put together a “Freezer Meal Party” for us and collect an incredibly generous amount of food to stock our freezer. Soups, pastas, pizzas, casseroles, and even pie! A few also gave us gift cards to restaurants to get take out! What a blessing to us!

They didn’t stop there though. Several came to visit me in the hospital to keep me company when Micah couldn’t be there due to the older kids’ schedules. They brought me take-out so I wouldn’t need to keep eating hospital food. They stayed at our house with the kids so Micah could come up alone. I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to thank them properly for their servant hearts during that time. 

Being His hands and feet is something we are called to do. What my friends did was not extravagant but it showed us such love during a time when we were scared and stressed. 

How can you be His hands and feet?

  • Bring a meal to a friend in need. This is such an easy and almost always well received gift. Some dietary needs may make this harder so it’s good to check with the recipient, Either make something yourself or purchase a meal that can be prepared easily can lighten the load greatly. There are hundreds of great ideas on pinterest if you need inspiration.
  • Find a way to serve with your gifts. Do you have some special skills that God has given you? Are you great at fixing cars? Perhaps you could do an oil change for that family struggling to make ends meet. Do you know how to crochet or knit? NICUs often need hats and blankets for those bitty babies needing special care. 
  • Send a note. This could be in an email, text, or even better, a handwritten note. How special do you feel when you receive real mail? An encouraging note from someone at any point in my life always lifts my spirits. 
  • Offer to do a job or chore. But accept no as an answer as well. Some people are comfortable with you seeing their dirty laundry and others would rather you not. Jobs that are nearly universally the same could be a safe bet such as sweeping, cleaning the toilet, or wiping of counters, but again – ask! Some people prefer not to be helped in this way.
  • Pay for another customer. We often hear about “pay it forward” campaigns in drive thru lines or see posts on Facebook about someone picking up another customer’s tab but have you ever done it? I was at the library recently and a gentleman was asked if he wanted to pay off his fine. It was a relatively small amount but he didn’t have the cash on hand. I happened to have it in my purse so I gladly paid it for him. The smile on his face was all the thanks I needed. It was simple and  I was still serving someone. 
  • Be a good listener. Some people just need to talk during their time of need. Don’t look for a way to solve the problem, just listen. If they and you are comfortable you can pray for them in their presence, otherwise wait until you are apart and actually pray for them.

I’m positive that there are other ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus out there. I just wanted to show you a few easy ones. I encourage you to find ways to serve others, use your gifts, and be a living sacrifice for God. 

What is your favorite way of serving others? How have you recently been His hands and feet?

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