My Week’s Joy – 3/21-3/27

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be a great idea to look back each week at those things that brought me the most joy. This is far too fitting for my blog to ignore the idea so I look forward to posting these each week!

1. I fixed my nursing pillow!

I bought this Boppy used when I was pregnant with Parker and it’s mostly held up well through the last eight years but in the last six months or so it had finally had enough and the fabric was giving up. I had gone through two covers already and this was just the “skin” of the boppy that had been put through too much to make it any longer. It was past the point of stitching up rips so it was either get a new boppy/cover for the next few months or come up with some other plan. I remembered I had some leftover fabric from my sister so I dug through and found a large enough piece in a great pattern/color and whipped up a quick new “skin” for it. Now the little boys can’t steal all the fluff out of it anymore! hahaha

2. New hair!

My friend Kate and I got together this week to throw some new colors on my hair. I love having fun with funky and different colors. And the looks kids at the boys’ school give me is just priceless. 

3. Game time

We bought this store brand Trouble game after Christmas on clearance and it’s been hiding under the front seat of our van ever since! We meant to give it to Jamison as a birthday present but we totally spaced so I pulled it out this week while I was cooking dinner and the three big kids sat on the kitchen floor and played. Mercedes needed some help but was fairly patient considering she is only three. The boys LOVED the new game and were begging to play again after dinner. 

4. Road trip!

We visited Micah’s family for Easter which means about a six hour drive. The big kids have gotten pretty great at the trip (with only the occasional question of how much longer) and even the babies didn’t do terrible for their age. We don’t have a dvd player for the kids in our new van so instead we introduced the kids to audiobooks and started with The Chronicles of Narnia. Such a great series to listen to together! 

5. Meeting a new cousin

A new baby joined the family in January and this was our first chance to meet the little man. The little guys weren’t too sure about him but the big kids couldn’t get enough. 

6. Easter egg coloring

Our three bigs plus their cousin got to color eggs on Friday and although it went by in a flurry of color and cracked shells they had a blast! We didn’t get a chance to sticker all the eggs so we brought some of them home with us for the kids to finish decorating at our house. 

7. Our little guys being the “babies” again

How hilarious is this? Both boys decided the swing needed to be their own lounge chair and fighting ensued. Eventually the swing needed to be removed from the room because we didn’t need it getting broken!

8. He is risen, indeed!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter. It was wonderful being together with so many family members and celebrating our life in Christ. If I can find joy in nothing else I can always find joy in being a child of God. 


Where did you find joy this week? 




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