Let’s study God’s promises together!

Do you use the Bible app for devotionals or daily bible reading?

I love all the plans that are being offered and how frequently new plans are added. I can always finds a plan that speaks to a question I’m wrestling with our a topic I want to learn more about.

While searching for a new devotional recently I came across a series called, “God’s Promises for the Hungry Heart” and it’s broken into several parts. Each day features four scriptural promises from God. It asks you to think about the promises and choose the one that speaks to you most that day.

I’m going to do this devotional but spread it out so I do one day each Thursday. I’ll write my thoughts here and I encourage you to join me! If you have the Bible app go ahead and search the plans for, “God’s Promises for the Hungry Heart” to get started. Make sure you pick Part One! (Weeks 1-4 here on the blog are Part one and every four weeks will be a new part)

If you don’t have the app you can either download it or use www.bible.com to find the devotional.

Starting this Thursday, April 7th, we will begin make our way through this devotional. I’ll post a screen shot of the four verses in the morning and then put up another post in the afternoon with my response. You can either post your response on your own blog and link it up or post in the comments below. I’ll do this every Thursday as we work together to uncover God’s promises for us. 

I’m really looking forward to finding more scriptural promises to stand on and go through this with you!

And share this post so there are lots of us going through and studying God’s promises together. 

See you on Thursday!


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