My Week’s Joy – 3/28-4/3

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be a great idea to look back each week at those things that brought me the most joy. This is far too fitting for my blog to ignore the idea so I look forward to posting these each week!

1. Enjoying spring weather

The week started out with some BEAUTIFUL weather and we had a blast enjoying it. Unfortunately it didn’t last more than a day or so but we know it will be sticking around for good so, so soon!

2. Her first Lego set

In case you didn’t know, we are BIG LEGO fans in this house. Mercedes got her first set in her Easter basket this year and she was so excited to put it together (with lots of help from Mommy). She’s done a great job of keeping the pieces together on a shelf in her room so we figure by Christmas we can actually start building her collection. 

3. Taking care of babies

This little guy loves stealing his sister’s baby dolls. He gives them hugs and cuddles and occasionally tries to feed them fake food. He’s going to make a great daddy some day!

4. Cookies!

I needed to make a huge batch of cookies to have ready for kids’ snacks and lunches and for Micah’s lunches. I never use my cookie press other than Christmas time but Parker was begging for “those cookies you use that tube machine to make” so I had to give in 😉 Plus I have a huge stash of powdered sugar right now from a great sale so it worked out perfectly. This is only about a third to half of what I made! I did make sure to stash a bunch in the freezer so we don’t eat them too quickly!

5. I haven’t killed them yet

I started some herbs in planters on my windowsill and they are actually growing! I’ve got basil on the left and cilantro on the right. I don’t have the greenest thumb so the fact that these are actually growing (especially the cilantro!) with very little help from me is so awesome. Part of me wants to turn the whole windowsill into an herb garden but then where do I put everything else that’s on it?

6. Family pizza & movie night

Nearly every Friday night when we are at home I make homemade pizza and we watch a movie together. The kids look forward to it every week and it’s fun having this family tradition. This week we watched Pan and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. Even Mercedes was cheering on Peter as he took on Blackbeard. 

7. Her sense of style 

We asked her to get ready for church and she came up in sweat pants, an empire waist flowered shirt with a firefighter shirt over the top. She loved it and wore it proudly all day. I’m glad we’ve raised her to be confident in her choices!


Where did you find joy this week?


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