Promises for the Hungry Heart – Week 1 (Update)

Welcome back! If you are just joining us, we are using the YouVersion Bible App to follow a devotional together. Read THIS POST to get all the information you need to join in and then you can read THIS MORNING’S POST to see the promises we are focusing on this week.  

DId you get a chance to spend some time with this week’s promises. I read them over and over and had such a hard time deciding which one stood out to me the most. Each one is so fantastic but the promise I am claiming this week is….

I will cause your life to draw others to Christ.

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” Matthew 4:19

I want everything I do and say to be a beacon showing others the way to Christ. I want to be an example to not only my children, but other family members, friends, and anyone else I come into contact with at any point. 

Every night when Micah and I are praying together my prayer for this blog is that God will use it to further His kingdom. Yes, I would love to someday earn an income from writing but that’s not why I write. Yes, I would love to grow this into something bigger but as long as I can encourage one person in their walk with God then I’m being obedient to what He has called me to do here. 

I share my stories about past struggles, multiple miscarriages, and God’s hand working in my life to let others know they are not alone and that He is on our side. I share the joy I find in everyday life to show that it’s all around us if we only open our eyes. 

Father God, thank you for this promise. Thank you for the assurance that by following you I will draw others closer to you as well. Please use my life as a way to bring people to your kingdom. Amen.


What promise spoke to you this week? Is there one you need more faith to believe? Which promise are you claiming for your life?


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