Promises for the Hungry Heart – Week 1

Welcome! I’m so, so, so glad to have you here to go through this devotional together. If you are just joining us, take a gander at THIS POST to find out what is going on and then wander on back here for the first week’s post. 

I hope you all have the devotional loaded up and ready to go 🙂 Here are the four promises to look at this week. I encourage you to open up your Bible and read each one. Perhaps read some surrounding verses to gather context. Or maybe check out the promises in different translations to see if one speaks to you more in The Message or American Standard Version, or whatever version is your go-to. 

Spend some time thinking about these verses and then choose one that really stands out. Why does it stand out? What does this promise mean to you?

If you want, spend some time journaling about the promise you chose. You are welcome to leave a comment below with the verse you chose and why or if you have your own blog, perhaps you want to write a post about the promise you chose and leave a link to the post. I’d love to see what promise is standing out to you this week!

I’ll be back this afternoon with the promise that stood out the most to me!


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