Summer Bucket List Bingo {Free Printable}

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As summer is creeping up I’m sure many of us are figuring out plans to keep kids busy and ourselves from hearing “I’m bored” a thousand times over. I refuse to plan my kids’ every moment because they need to learn that boredom is not bad and that there are hundreds of things to do if they just try. 

But! It’s also fun to have ideas up our sleeves for things to do together! Places to go, activities to do, foods to try, books to read. I’ve seen lots of bucket list ideas out there but I wanted something new and different than what was already available.

I created FOUR bingo boards for you to print out and use with your kiddos this summer. Each one covers a different topic – Activities, Adventures, Foods, and Reading. Can you score a bingo by doing things with your kids this summer? What about a coverall? 

Most of the activities and adventures are free or very cheap to complete (such as coloring with chalk and going to the park) while a few require a bit more planning (going on a road trip and doing a science experiment). The food ideas vary all over the place too, from making your own popsicles to visiting a food truck. And I bet you can finish the whole reading board at home or with a quick trip to the library. 

I’m so excited to print these out and use them with my own kids this summer! The hard part is going to be figuring out which to do first and listening to the squabbles over whose turn it is to pick a square! I may even laminate them so I can use them year after year… or so they don’t get ruined when someone inevitably spills on them 😉 

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