Update on April’s Goals & My Goals for May

I only set four goals in April but it was definitely the right way to start this. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t trying to take on too much at once, I wanted them to be measurable, and I wanted goals that would be helpful in the long term. 

April’s goals & progress report

1. Drink 1 gallon of water per day.

I rocked this. I think there were only a couple days when I came in short but it was usually because we were out and about and I wasn’t thinking about my water intake. Most days I hit my gallon and then some. I could totally tell a difference on the days I came short as well so I’ll for sure be continuing this from now on. 

2. Get in three quality workouts per week

The only time I fell short on this was this week! We had lots on our calendar and I came off the weekend with a messed up hip so I had to take some time to heal. I did get in two workouts so not terrible but the other weeks I was rocking it with four or five! My push-up count went from 10 to 20! I’m loving how strong I’m feeling. 

3. Go to bed with a clean sink every night.

This was so helpful and such a motivator. I did slack a handful of times but man did I love waking up with a clean sink each day. The days I did slack were usually because the littlest ones were having a really rough time after dinner and by the time I got everyone settled and in bed I was done for the day too. But it’s starting to become a more natural part of my routine that I’ll keep sticking with. 

4. Plan out blog posts for May

I think I’ve got this just about taken care of now. It helps that most of my posts are series that repeat but I try to change things up on Tuesday’s and Friday’s so I’ve got ideas for those all plugged into my calendar plus any other special posts. I’m sure I’ll end up moving things around or even coming up with something new based on what crazy stuff is going on here but it feels good to have a plan in place!


Goals for May

I’m sure you are all getting annoyed with me spouting praise for Alexandra Kuykendall’s book over and over but really, it just fits in my life right now! In her book she breaks down the parts of her life she wants to focus on into 9 parts and then works on one part per month. Brilliant! I’m not going in the same order she is but I’m piggy-backing off her idea. 

This month I’m going to focus on Home Organization/Cleaning Routines. I’m terrible with this. I get all gung ho to stay on track, have a schedule, and keep everything in it’s place but it never works! I think it’s because I was trying to tackle everything all at once and not having anyone else on bored. I’ve already clued my kids and Micah in on my plan so hopefully this will work and we will be in a little bit of a groove by the time the kids are out of school for the summer!

1. Clean up the living room before bed every night

This is actually a goal for the kids. I’ve given them the heads up about this and we practiced last night. Mommy and daddy shouldn’t have to play landmine to get to the couch after the kids are in bed! A ten minute quick clean up to see how much we can put away before the timer goes off. No complaining/slothing/ignoring or the offender loses the bedtime story. Last night they cleaned up EVERYTHING in 9min 15sec. Yeah, no there are NO excuses. 

2. Add in counters to the “cleaned off every night” list

Getting the dishes done definitely helped ease the morning plans so I’m sure clearing off counters will help as well. We don’t have much counter space but there are usually random things piled up or tossed aside to make room on the table. The only thing I’ll let slide in this is dishes drying from being hand washed. I figure those earned their place.

3. Sort the laundry the day it comes out of the dryer

There are seven of us – two can’t sort, one is terrible at it, two are getting better, and two are trying to keep the rest of the house from falling to shambles plus everything else it takes to adult. The two that are getting better do it, usually without issue, when I ask. They’ve learned to really enjoy audio books so I start one up and they sort away. Problem is that I only ask them to do this once a week or so and they are faced with a mountain! Making it a daily task will ensure they get to enjoy the nice weather that should be here to stay soon as well as keep everyone topped off with clean clothes. 

4. Organize under the bathroom sink & linen closet

Our upstairs bathroom vanity is a black hole. We haven’t lived here that long but man do things go missing in there! And the linen closet is just a whole jumble of everything we need to store in an easily accessible place. I need to go through both places and toss what isn’t needed/expired/empty, find new homes for some things that would be better suited elsewhere, and put the good stuff back in a neat and orderly fashion. I’m thinking this will deserve it’s own post when it happens! I do enjoy before and after shots on A Slob Comes Clean!

I think doing these few things will really help us find a good routine for summer when our current routine goes out the window! I’m so glad I have ideas on the bingo cards for summer plans!


Do you set goals for the month? What are your goals for May?


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