Cheer for another year

I’m linking this up over at Kate Motaung’s for Five Minute Friday. Every week a one-word writing prompt is given and writers have five minutes to share.

This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

Today’s prompt is: Cheer

Cheer for another year

Here it is, the end of the school year and I’m waiting for my two biggest to walk in that door. I’m cheering for so many reasons this year:

  • We had some major struggles at the beginning of the year with one of our kiddos but he has changed his attitude and is now a shining example to others around him. 
  • Both boys have grown leaps and bounds in their reading. They are eating up chapter books like candy coming out of 1st grade and Kindergarten. 
  • Parker’s teacher is retiring after over 30 years in education!
  • Jamison’s teacher asked how much longer until she can get another of our kids in her class (she had Parker last year)
  • Parker is learning how to multiply and divide on his own
  • Jamison’s goal for the year was to learn how to draw people better and it’s evident in his artwork he brought home
  • We have three months to adventure, learn, explore, laugh, play, and simply be together. I think that is the best reason to cheer!

Enjoy your summer everyone. Those kiddos will be back to school soon enough. Of course that may give us all another reason to cheer 😉 

What does “cheer” mean to you? Are you cheering for anything today?


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