Hour by Hour – A picture post through my day

Ever wondered what typical my day looks like? No? Too bad, ha! But seriously, I thought it would be super fun to take a picture every hour, on the hour, to show what I do all day. I started at 6am and finished at 9pm. I was up later than that but by 10pm I was lying in bed and figured it was good enough. 

I realized after taking these pictures that this isn’t a super accurate representation of my day. Nearly every picture features me cleaning – that is SOOO not what I spend my days doing! But I did this the first day after our house was returning to normal post-strep. Micah was back at work, the kids were at school, and I was no longer feeling like total crap. So I went a little nuts trying to get the house put back together after nearly a week of not being able to do anything more than the ABSOLUTE bare minimum. 

With that said, let’s take a look at what I was doing at the top of every hour in my day!


My alarm went off. Micah asked what in the world I was taking pictures of at six in the morning so I told him about the post idea. He rolled over and went back to bed. I think I got out of bed about ten minutes later. 


Maple glazed donut muffins with scrambled eggs for breakfast today. Yum. 


The little guys tend to argue over who gets to go “up” when we walk the big boys to school. 


Cleaned the cat box and swept the laundry room floor. Yuck. This will be going on the big boys’ chore charts for the summer. 


Sorting through sheets, towels, and all sorts of other items while cleaning out the linen closet and under the bathroom sink. I managed to purge quite a large pile! Glad to accomplish this goal from my May list!


Laundry is out of the dryer so I’m trying to stay on top of it. Remember my May goals?


Diaper change before naps for the little ones. Cade is mad that Anders got to the shelf for climbing first. 


Working on the blog. I have to take any quiet time as a chance to get ahead!


The kids all took a super nap today so I’m still working on the blog!


Making pizza dough for dinner – breakfast pizza!


Diaper change again! Cade was not impressed with getting a picture taken while on the table. 


I may not be coordinator anymore but MOPS is always on my brain. I have to write ideas down as they come to me or I’ll never remember when it’s time to help plan for next year. 


Cleaning up the breakfast pizza from dinner. It was fabulous. 


Little boys are in bed for the night so now it’s time to do some reading, talking about our days, and praying with the bigger kids. We like using the spare bed so we can all pile on together and get some final cuddles in for the day. 


Sweeping the kitchen floor. At least if I do this right before bed it has the chance of staying clean for nearly 12 hours. I won’t bother attempting to sweep during the day when it gets dirty two or three hours later. 


Winding down for the night with some tv now that Micah is finally home. 


And that’s all folks! I’m still amazed at everything I accomplished during this day. I spent so much less time on social media because I was focused and motivated. 


What is your day like? Do you have a routine you follow or do you go with the flow?


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