My Week’s Joy – 4/25-5/1

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be a great idea to look back each week at those things that brought me the most joy. This is far too fitting for my blog to ignore the idea so I look forward to posting these each week!

Do you want to know my favorite part about starting this blog and making a point of choosing to see joy in my normal, everyday life? I’m seeing it everywhere now and it’s so hard to not want to share CONSTANTLY about the joy around me.

I actually have fewer pictures than normal this week because I was making a point of keeping my phone out of my hands when I was playing with the kids. Great for engaging with them but limits what I have evidence of for sharing 😉 

1. Playing at the library

Our library has this awesome place called “The Wiggle Room” where they provide all sorts of different types of toys for kids to play with and learn from. It’s an enclosed space which is great for the little kids that like to take off from mama but has so much to do that they don’t realize they are being sequestered. Mercedes was really drawn to the doll house and the little boys really enjoyed all the different types of blocks. 

2. Silly faces on mama’s back

Parker had a school program on Thursday morning so Micah and I each wore a little boy so they wouldn’t/couldn’t escape from us and cause chaos. While we were waiting for the show to start I took out my phone and let Anders make some faces with the camera. Funny boy!

3. Parker’s first school concert!

They had a “Songs of the Old West” show and sang songs like “Clementine” and “Oh Susannah.” It was really cute to see them all decked out in their button up shirts and cowboy hats. He did such a wonderful job. They all did!

4. Spa night at MOPS! 

For the final Mom’s Night Out of the year our group wanted to pamper our moms so we organized a spa night. We provided TONS of food (the picture is of the chocolate fondue bar), had a lesson on facials, a make & take essential oils table, and had massage therapists available! It was the perfect way to end a year of noticing goodness, celebrating lavishly, and embracing rest. 

5. Free coloring activities at Target

Did you know that Target was offering a free coloring party on Saturday morning? There was very little advertising done for it (maybe on purpose?) and we only knew about it because we got a little print out for it with our receipt on Friday. We showed up with our gaggle of children and were given full sets of markers and crayons (to keep!) plus coloring sheets, snacks, and other little toys. They kids didn’t want to leave!

6. Quick family visit

This is where I run out of pictures. On Saturday night we made a quick visit to the middle of nowhere 😉 to celebrate our nephew’s baptism. The kids were so excited to see Micah’s family and it was a nice time even though it went so very fast. And the kids were SO well behaved in the car and during the service which was really nice for us!


Sorry, didn’t mean to yell at you. Holy buckets was it nice on Sunday! We spent nearly the entire afternoon outside after church. Micah and I worked on the deck to try and make the railing a little more stable. We need a few more screws and bolts to finish it off but we should be able to let the kids play on it again this summer. We also got lots of garbage cleaned out of the garage and found some items to donate that we no longer use. I really should have done before/after pictures because it’s slightly unbelievable! It’s really nice to not have to weave around the bikes/stroller/snowblower anymore to get to the van or the garbage can. It’s usable space again 🙂


Where did you find joy this week? Are you enjoying any nice weather? 


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