My Week’s Joy – 5/2 – 5/8

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be a great idea to look back each week at those things that brought me the most joy. This is far too fitting for my blog to ignore the idea so I look forward to posting these each week!

Do you want to know my favorite part about starting this blog and making a point of choosing to see joy in my normal, everyday life? I’m seeing it everywhere now and it’s so hard to not want to share CONSTANTLY about the joy around me.

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1. Pretzel Buns

These are soooo yummy! I swear I could eat them every day of the week. This is the recipe I used this time and it’s usually my go-to. We had these with sloppy joes and they are just perfect with all the coarse salt on top. They also make great buns for egg sandwiches! 

2. Anders in sunglasses

We’ve been walking to pick the big boys up from school every day but it was sooo sunny last week so I grabbed the sunglasses for the little boys and I was amazed when they actually kept them on their faces for the walk! Doesn’t he look just adorable! Gah, that kid <3

3. Lunch with Daddy

On Cinco de Mayo one of the burrito places in town had $5 burritos and bowls so I loaded the three little kids up, grabbed lunch, and went up to Micah’s work so we could all eat together. We used to do this frequently when we lived in walking distance of his office but now that we are on the opposite side of town it doesn’t happen as often 🙁 It was a great treat but you can tell it was getting close to nap time because of Cade’s face!

4. Reading on the deck

I took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather and spent some time reading on the deck during the kid’s nap time. I made myself some iced coffee, loaded up Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine on my Kindle Fire and enjoyed the sun. But then I smacked my knee on the sliding door during one of my trips in and out of the house and spent the rest of the day relaxing on the couch instead. But slowing down is what I need sometimes!

5. Donuts for breakfast!

The big boys didn’t have school on Friday so we loaded everyone up extra early and went out for donuts at our favorite place. It was a great treat and fantastic way to start a fun, long weekend of family time. Plus, maple bacon donuts? NOM NOM NOM

6. Little kitchen helpers

On Friday night we had a date night booked (Civil War is awesome!) and my brother was coming to babysit. Since he’s graduating from college this week and moving back home it was going to be his last time sitting for us (waaaah!) so I wanted to make him a treat. He asked for cinnamon roll cookies and I happily obliged! Cade got to lick the beater of the cream cheese frosting and I think he may have stolen Anders’ beater as well. 

7. Mother’s Day sushi platter

I think getting sushi for lunch on Mother’s Day is becoming a tradition around these parts. We used to just run into the store and grab a couple kinds but this year I decided to order ahead so I’d get exactly what I wanted and at a better price. Even the kids got in on the sushi eating action this year! It was sooo yummy and such a great treat. 

8. Pictures with my kiddos

It’s nearly impossible to get a decent picture with all five of the kids together. We tried at Easter and oh goodness was that a mess. Instead I decided to take a quick shot with each of them. They think it’s hilarious to make faces at the forward facing camera and their goofy personalities automatically come out. I feel so blessed to be mama to these five that it’s absolutely worth all the chaos, sleepless nights, stretch marks, battle scars, and everything else that comes with the mama title. It’s not the family I thought I’d have but it’s exactly the family I needed. 


What brought you joy this week? Did you choose joy in an unexpected place?


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