Three Word Wednesday: Using My Gifts

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From Kristin: #ThreeWordWednesday is simple, really. I know we’re all busy with life and kids and jobs and parents and friends and church and whatever else it is that occupies our time. Some weeks I’m not sure what my post will be about, but knowing people will show up here on Wednesdays is good motivation to write something. #ThreeWordWednesday is a chance to pause and hear God. Sum up what you’re hearing in three words. Those three words are enough. But stories are good too.

Using My Gifts

Have you heard of MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers)? It’s an incredible organization around the world working to encourage moms of young children. I’ve been a member since our second was just a few months old and I’m bummed I missed out on two years before that when I could have joined. Oh well, I’m six years in now and I’ve got five left before I “graduate” so I’m making the most of it!

I joined the leadership team for my second year and have been on leadership ever since. I love helping to make each year special and this coming year is no different. This year I’m actually taking on two leadership roles because one is more administrative that doesn’t take a significant amount of “in person” time and the other fills my soul. I’m becoming the Hospitality Coordinator which means I’m responsible for making the moms feel welcomed and loved! What a blessing this position is to our group. 

The tasks a Hospitality Coordinator is responsible for vary from group to group but in our group I will get to come up with decorations for our tables and meeting area, greet moms as they arrive and make sure they know where they are going, make or find gifts for guest speakers that present to our group, and create or assemble gifts for monthly giveaways. I am so excited you guys – I get to be crafty! I adore being crafty and letting creativity pour out of me so taking this role is filling me with immeasurable joy. 

I’ve actually had to restrain myself from going shopping too much! I’ve been pouring over the ads for our three local craft stores just itching to make some trips. I did actually swing by one… okay two… to check out what they had in person compared to what they show online. I found some supplies for the super cute bracelets (pictured above) that will be simple gifts next year. Shhh, don’t tell anyone in my group 😉 Nothing extravagant, just a little token to know they are loved and thought of during the year. 

God has gifted each of us differently. Some people would panic at the thought of being crafty or needing to make fun gift baskets for giveaways. But those same people may thrive in a situation that I find absolutely no joy in. 

@@Don’t force yourself into another’s gifting area. Find where God has gifted you and use that to serve others.@@

Do you enjoy cooking? Bless your family and friends with fun meals.

Do you enjoy young children? Try serving in the children’s ministry program at your church.

Are you a good listener? Reach out to a friend that needs to talk.

Have you been given a generous heart? Pay for the person behind you at the drive through. 

Find the gifts the God has given to you and let them be the way you show God’s love and grace to others. Find what fills you with joy, what you are passionate about, and share that. Use those gifts!


What are the gifts God has given you to serve others? What sparks joy in your heart? Do you have a crafty side? Tell me about them!


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