A look back through 10 years of marriage

Ten years!? Have we really been married that long? I’m pretty sure I’m only in my early to mid 20’s so there’s no way it’s been ten years. Oh, wait… 

It’s true. We are celebrating ten amazing years of marriage this week so I thought it would be fun to show you a picture from each year since we tied the knot. It was wonderful to look back through all my old folders of pictures to find one from each year to share. Lots of silly memories, forgotten adventures, and normal every day things that I’m glad I took the time to capture. Do you ever look back through all your old photos?


We had the most perfect wedding. Not just because it was ours either 😉 I could seriously write pages on our wedding and I wish I could share every single picture with you because they are fabulous. But I’ll just leave you with this one. 


Ugly Christmas sweaters! We were rocking them before it was “cool” haha! We showed up to my side’s family picture night like this and their jaws dropped. We brought regular clothes too but it was so worth the reaction to bring these along!


Rocking the baby bump at a wedding. This is probably one of the last pictures we took together before Parker was born! 


Awww, Parker’s first birthday! And I’m about three months along with Jamison at this point too so technically there are four of us in this shot 😉


Micah’s brother got married and it gave us an excuse to get all dolled up and take a picture! We were both in the wedding (and so were the boys) so we had no excuses to not look good. 


I love this picture and I think it still might be a profile pic for one of my random online accounts. I believe this was taken over 4th of July at Micah’s parent’s place. We love spending time there getting to run around the farm, ride four wheelers, and relax in the country. 


Christmas party time and what a surprise, a picture of me sticking my tongue out 😛 It was so hard for me to find a picture from 2012! I think the combo of dealing with back to back miscarriages in the beginning of the year and getting into photography myself made me stay behind the camera. Thankfully at this point we were just two months out from meeting Little Miss!


I have this picture printed out and hanging on the gallery wall in our house. It was one of the first pictures I ever took with all five of us and it happened to be Easter morning. 


What can I say about this picture? Our first picture as a family of seven (I still find that number a little shocking when I actually write it down or say it outloud). I was a little worried about getting our photos back from the photographer because we had some pretty severe meltdowns that morning but she worked her magic and I love all of them. This one hangs above our stairs. 


Anders and Cade’s dedication! We didn’t take the time to actually pause for a real family photo so this is the best we have. And the extended family was up there with us so lots of extra people! But a wonderful day dedicating our final two babies to the Lord. 


And back in April on a date night. We clearly don’t take enough pictures together, lol. 


Wow, ten years just like that! I plan on sharing a little more of our story this week because I love our love story (ha!) and I want you to know just how silly it started out! I’m thankful every day that God brought us together because I can’t imagine a better partner by my side. 


Are you married? How long have you and your spouse been together? Any relationship advice to pass on? Any great wedding day stories?


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