My Week’s Joy – 6/13-6/19

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be a great idea to look back each week at those things that brought me the most joy. This is far too fitting for my blog to ignore the idea so I look forward to posting these each week!

It was such an awesome week! But with many awesome weeks I was so focused on enjoying the time that I didn’t take as many pictures to share with all of you. I did manage to take a few but several of my favorite joy filled moments are undocumented. 

1. Playing in the sprinkler

With the summer heat here to stay I wanted to find a way to let the little guys play in the water without running four houses away in opposite directions! We have a great deck that they can’t escape from some I put the sprinkler on the deck and turn it on as low as possible so that it doesn’t soak the entire area. It’s just enough water for them to play in and there is still space for the kids (or adults) that don’t want to get wet to hang out together. 

2. Making pancakes with the boys

One of my June goals is to cook with the kids. I decided pancakes were a good recipe to start with and they did really well. And so did I 😉 I let go of my control side and let them crack the eggs, mix the batter, and even pour it on the griddle. I did the flipping because they weren’t a fan of the heat radiating off the griddle but I’m so proud of them for being great helpers and of myself for not freaking out over spills, ha! I’ll share our favorite pancake recipe in an upcoming post!

3. Library day

For our adventure this week we went to the library. The big kids had read all the chapter books I checked out for them at the end of the school year and were on to reading them again so they asked for new books. Absolutely! I think they picked out about a dozen chapter books, and at least that many picture or easy reader books. I’m so happy they are developing a love of reading!

4. Cheapo iced coffee

One of my first posts on the blog was about my favorite “me time” indulgences. During the summer I love having iced coffee but I don’t always plan ahead and have some in the fridge. Instead I go the super cheap route and pour leftover coffee over ice cubes with creamer and sugar for a quick pick me up in the afternoon. 

5. Celebrating our anniversary

Here’s one of the awesome points of the week that didn’t get documented. Micah’s parents braved taking care of the five kids so we could get 24 hours of kid free time. It was WONDERFUL! We went out for every meal, stayed at a nice hotel in town, and just really enjoyed time together without the chaos going on around us. As much as we love our loud and crazy family it’s absolutely necessary to find calm once in a while. I feel so blessed to have been married to my best friend for 10 years and to have known him for more than 12! Here’s to another million years together 😉

6. Celebrating Father’s Day

Our church does a huge meal on Father’s Day complete with several kinds of smoked meat, sides, and desserts. It’s always AMAZING food and a great chance to fellowship with friends. I managed to snap a quick picture of the kids with Micah. It’s not the greatest picture since the kids are all over the place but it’s very true to life!

7. Spending time with the little ones

The two big boys left with Micah’s parents to spend some special time at the farm with them so it’s just the little three at home this week. It’s nice to play with them without having the bigger ones busting in and trying to take over. 

8. Frozen yogurt

One of the frozen yogurt bars was offering 8oz for free to dads on Father’s day so we loaded up after nap time on Sunday for a treat. In addition to the free 8oz I also had accrued $5 on my rewards card so the four of us got our treat for a mere $0.66! What a deal 😀


What brought you joy this week? Any summer adventures? 


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