My Week’s Joy – 6/6-6/12

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be a great idea to look back each week at those things that brought me the most joy. This is far too fitting for my blog to ignore the idea so I look forward to posting these each week!

This week was a BLAST! It was beautiful out so we soaked up lots of sunshine, went on adventures, and really enjoyed our time together. 

1. This wall hanging I made

Remember when I said I love getting crafty? We had some spare wood in the garage from making our headboard so I broke out the power tools to create this little dandy! I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it or pass it on but I love how it turned out. Would anyone have any interest in me posting some DIY craft ideas? 

2. Playing on the deck

Such beautiful weather this week! We’ve been spending our mornings on the deck together. It’s large enough for all of us to play but small enough that the babies are contained close by. 

3. Silly faces!

I have this weird habit of taking most silly pictures with my mouth open in a crazy big smile or sticking my tongue out. I’m not much for making nice, sweet smiles in pics for some reason. My boys are picking up this trait. I’m glad we can be silly together. 

4. Giant glasses

I’m not sure when I decided I love giant sunglasses but I do. I have three pairs right now that I rotate between. Anders has a habit of stealing them. But man does he look adorable in them!

5. Sushi surprise

Micah had to swing by the grocery store last week to pick up some more eggs (they were on sale for $0.49/dozen!) and he grabbed some sushi for us to share as well. Just a little tray but it was so sweet because he knows how much I love it and that it would be a perfect treat for us while watching tv that night. 

6. Exploring new parks

One of my June goals is to take the kids out ON MY OWN once per week and this week we visited not one, but TWO parks! We started at a small park but I noticed a larger park within walking distance so we walked a few blocks and ended up playing at two parks in one day. And all the kids played so nicely and behaved perfectly on the walk. It was an awesome adventure!

7. LEGO learning

I found this LEGO board game to print out for the kids to use. There are three options – addition, subtraction, or addition & subtraction. The kids loved playing and even Mercedes did a fantastic job counting and not getting upset when she didn’t get to build! Finding ways to combine learning and play is so great 🙂

8. New color!

You may have noticed the last few weeks that my colorful hair was not so colorful anymore. Problem fixed! It’s not the greatest picture but the color is incredibly vibrant and so fits my personality. It’s purple at the roots and fades into pink then orange. Yay! A huge thank you to my sweet and awesome friend Kate for making it look fabulous again 😀


What brought you joy this week? Are you enjoying any great weather? Do you enjoy DIY projects? Tell me what you are up to these days!


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