Things my children have said to prolong going to bed

Do you have bedtime battles in your house? We have faced some incredibly challenging moments in our house regarding bedtime. There was a span of time when the battle lasted for HOURS. It didn’t matter if we were sitting in the room with the kids, outside the door, or hid in our room. It usually started with an excuse or two and then would dissolve into screaming. Nothing we did would stop. We tried singing songs, telling stories, sticker charts, special toys, extra prayers, going to bed earlier, going to bed later. Nothing made a difference.

Perhaps it just took time but most of the battles are over. We still have a bad night once in a while but it’s mostly the excuse train that has stationed itself at our house these days. In order to find humor (and a little joy) in the annoying excuses I started keeping track and now I get to share them with you. I know I’ve forgotten some. There were days when I was frustrated and found no humor in the reasons they were out of bed. Or I didn’t write them down thinking I would remember (why I still think I can do this I’ll never know). But these are still pretty humorous excuses!

1. The dog is sniffing me.
2. The dog isn’t staying where I put her.
3. I have a booger on my finger.
4. I want you to go to bed first.

5. I can’t sleep with the light on but I don’t want it turned off.
6. I forgot to wipe my butt.
7. I don’t know how to close my eyes
8. I don’t know how to sleep

9. I can’t sleep alone without my best friend Bella [the dog].
10. I need to blow my nose [and the 10 million scraps of toilet paper in the room are not enough].
11. I want someone to play my leappad but they are sleeping. 
12. My stuffed animals want to have a party.
13. I finished my water. 
followed shortly by….
14. I need to pee again.
15. I need to take a deep breath.
16. I need help taking a deep breath. 

17. The cat is going to get me [through a shut door].
18. But I went to bed at nap time!
19. I heard you make a noise. 
20. Superheroes don’t sleep. 

I know there are more great bedtime battle stories out there! Tell me your child’s best bedtime excuse in the comments!

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