Three Word Wednesday: Bravely Adventure Together

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From Kristin: #ThreeWordWednesday is simple, really. I know we’re all busy with life and kids and jobs and parents and friends and church and whatever else it is that occupies our time. Some weeks I’m not sure what my post will be about, but knowing people will show up here on Wednesdays is good motivation to write something. #ThreeWordWednesday is a chance to pause and hear God. Sum up what you’re hearing in three words. Those three words are enough. But stories are good too.


Bravely Adventure Together

This month I’m focusing on adventures. My monthly goals for June all center around stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing what happens. Adventures don’t need to be grand vacations climbling mountains or visiting the fish under the sea. Adventures can happen in the backyard, in the kitchen, or our own hearts. 

Out of the four goals I made for this month I was most apprehensive about the weekly adventures. Yes, I can manage all five kids easily at home because they know the limits and rules easily (although they obviously “forget” them sometimes) but there is something about being in public that can make even the most well behaved child go a little bonkers. But I needed to face that. I needed to teach my children that we can adventure together and be in the world together and act respectfully and I needed to teach myself that kids are a little bonkers sometimes and my response to their behavior is what matters. 

Part of my problem in thinking about these weekly adventures is my attitude. I automatically expect them to fail. Why? I know my kids are great kids and are usually really well behaved. I hear it from teachers and friends and family all the time. But as a parent it’s easy to focus on the times they didn’t listen, they didn’t follow the rules, they acted unkind. If those are my expectations going in to an adventure, that they will act up and “ruin” it, how can I really enjoy the time together? @@If I expect failure I will be looking for it at every turn.@@

So far this month we have gone on long walks, discovered new parks, and visited the library. This week I got extremely adventurous and took the three little ones to the lake to visit my parents. I’ll admit that I had it in my head that it was going to be chaos. That I would be chasing after the little boys the whole time because they wouldn’t stay at the campsite or away from the lake. That Mercedes would be sassy and refuse to listen. That going by myself could be a disaster. But I put on my brave face and backed out of the driveway with a car packed with swimsuits, life jackets, changes of clothes, snacks, waters, and the kitchen sink… or so it seemed.

The car ride almost made me turn around. Mercedes was crying about ten miles in because she dropped her LeapPad. Cade was screaming because it’s what he does in the car. Anders was going back and forth between upset screaming and gleeful screeching. But I pushed through and kept driving. 

The whole day was wonderful. I only had to remind the kids a few times to not touch something or to stay near the campsite. They all held hands when we walked and stayed close while we swam in the lake. They played together with minimal bickering. And I did get to sit back and watch them. 

Had I not decided to bravely face the adventure I would have missed out on a day filled with great memories. I could have let fear and the possibility of failure keep me home but that isn’t what God has planned for us. So put on your brave face. Step out of your comfort zone, even just a little, and join in the adventure that God has going on around you. 


What have you done lately to be brave? Do you ever let the fear of failure keep you from doing something you’d like to do?


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