Homemade Taco Seasoning {Recipe}

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Oh man do I love tacos! In high school I would eat them for any meal and I’m talking about ground beef tacos people – for breakfast! I love all the different flavors and textures combined into a super portable tortilla. I even chose a huge homemade taco bar for my graduation party. While it was awesome and amazing to see so many people turn up to celebrate with me I was a little bummed when there were barely any leftovers! 

Now that I’m a mom, and especially a Stay-at-home-mom, I’ve got to be pretty frugal with our shopping funds. I want tacos in my belly, but I don’t want to pay a dollar or so for those little tiny packets of seasoning. I mean, its a few spices thrown together that most people already have in their pantry anyway! My mother-in-law shared this seasoning recipe with me years ago. It’s from an old church cookbook and looking at the stained pages and the way it’s falling apart you know it’s seen some love over the years. 

We buy our spices in bulk at Sam’s club so we always have large quantities on hand. If you don’t want to buy large quantities of spices did you know most grocery stores carry bulk spices in their bulk foods area and you can buy exactly how much you want? It’s often times quite cheaper than buying the little tiny canisters of various spices and you can make sure you only buy what you would need. This is especially helpful if you are trying a recipe with a spice that you wouldn’t normally buy because you won’t end up wasting a whole container if you find you don’t like it! I’m all about saving money in this family. 

This is a super simple recipe but oh so very handy. Grab a mason jar (the one pictured is an 8oz jelly jar) and fill it up with your ingredients. Tighten the lid and shake to combine – that’s it! This would be a great recipe to have the kids help with since there is no cooking. Of course you could have them help you with the meal later… if you want. 

Do you make any of your own seasoning mixes? Which is your favorite?

Are there any that you don't bother making from scratch because it's not worth it? Tell me below!

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Taco Seasoning {Recipe}”

  1. I’m so excited to give this a try. My family seems to love tacos too. The last seasoning I bought was a little spicy and my son said it made his tongue tingle lol

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