My Week’s Joy – 7/18-7/24

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be a great idea to look back each week at those things that brought me the most joy. This is far too fitting for my blog to ignore the idea so I look forward to posting these each week!

1. Emails from readers

I obviously don’t have pictures of these but I got several this week from readers thanking me for the post about self-care. It’s clearly a topic a lot of us forget is so important and many of you really appreciated me being honest about how I feel when I forget to take care of myself. I love hearing from all of you and building a relationship with my readers. I’m here to help you learn to find joy in the every day and you bring me joy when you take time to read what I have to say. Keep sending those messages and sharing what you love with me!

2. Journals

I got my journals with the big boys started! They don’t totally understand the concept yet but they will get there. The first day one of them asked what was for snack at 10am… and it was 956am. Ha! I’m hoping this becomes a fun way to communicate with them and especially for those questions they may not want to ask out loud. 

3. Talking Potato Head

Years and years ago Parker used his birthday money to buy an electronic Mr. Potato Head. He talks and if you make a loud noise all his pieces pop off. It always brings giggles to the little guys but when you get all five of them playing with him together they all burst out giggling! I was amazed at how well they did playing together. They lasted at least ten minutes before any battles over pieces began. That’s pretty good for them 😉

4. Building bird houses

We spent the end of the week visiting my side of the family and Grampy (my dad) had pieces for bird houses and a headband rack all cut and ready for the three big kids. They did a great job using tools and spray paint to bring their projects together. 

5. Testing out Grampy’s motorcycle helmets

Grampy also let the kids sit on his motorcycle and try out the helmets he and Nana use for talking to each other on rides. The kids thought the microphones were pretty neat!

6. Making cards

My aunt is battling cancer right now and it’s been quite a while since the kids made her some art so I pulled out coloring supplies and let the kids create pictures and write cards for her. We were even able to hand deliver them to her which brought her just as much joy as it brought me!

7. Visiting family

We made some rounds yesterday to visit extended family on my mom’s side plus stopped by my aunt on my dad’s side as well. The kids did really well, even with missing their normal nap time, and it was great seeing so many people I haven’t seen in quite some time.


Where did you find joy this week?  


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