My Week’s Joy – 7/25-7/31

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be a great idea to look back each week at those things that brought me the most joy. This is far too fitting for my blog to ignore the idea so I look forward to posting these each week!

It was another strange week around these parts. After returning from our long weekend we were down to THREE kids! Micah’s parents met up with us and took the two older boys with them to the farm for the rest of the week and they finally returned home on Sunday afternoon. It’s a different type of chaos when the big guys are gone. A little less loud but at the same time it’s louder when the whining starts because there aren’t extra helpers to distract the little guys. We are so glad they had lots of fun with Grammy and Papa but we are glad to have them home too!

1. First amusement park rides!

We visited an indoor amusement park while we were visiting my parents and took the little guys on their first rides! They were thrilled with going up and down and around and around. I love that they are getting big enough to enjoy these fun adventures!

2. Cuddles with Nana

Mercedes loves to cuddle and she soaks up as many as she can get when we go visit people. Nana isn’t going to pass up that chance so my heart just melted when I walked in the room and saw this. 

3. Fire station tour

My sister is a volunteer firefighter for her local station and was able to give us a personal tour! How cool is that? The kids got to climb in and out of the rigs, try on her gear, explore the station, and see the lights on the trucks. It is such a special opportunity for them to experience and I know my sister really loves sharing something she loves with the kids. 

4. Mall playtime

Because the big boys were gone I was able to do some activities with the littler ones that I can’t do otherwise. We took a trip to the play land at the mall for a playdate with friends. I can’t bring the bigger boys here since they are too tall so it was special for the littler three. They had so much fun climbing and sliding on all the equipment and were pretty bummed when we had to leave. 

5. Skyping the big kids

While Parker and Jamison were at Micah’s parents we were able to Skype with them one night. The three little ones loved being able to see their big brothers (and cousin) and talk about all the fun things each group had been doing. I’m so thankful for technology that lets us connect this way!

6. Girls getaway

On Friday night the leadership team from my MOPS group had our planning retreat. We all bunked up in a suite in a local hotel for food, team building, and lots of planning. It was a wonderful chance to get to know everyone (we have several new members on the team) and knock out a lot of work. I may have only gotten two hours of sleep (aaahhh!) but the time away with some great friends was so refreshing. Plus I totally acted like a little kid and went down the water slide at least a dozen times. 


Where did you find joy this week? Have you gone on any adventures lately? What about exploring your town as a tourist?


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