Three Word Wednesday: You are enough

Oh you tired and weary mom. I see you. I see you as you struggle to keep your kids with you in the grocery store. You think that everyone is watching you and judging you. You worry that they think you can’t handle this. That they assume your kids are wild and unruly because they want to touch the shelves and run from you on to the next spot in the store.

Don’t think about them. 

I see you talk to your kids and explain why you aren’t buying the name brand cereal. You are teaching them to be responsible with money. I see you wince when they dash out of the aisle because you also see the elderly woman walking and fear for her safety. You remind your child to keep their eyes open and to slow down. You are teaching them to be aware of their surroundings. I see you shake your head and throw your hands up when they begin to battle over something as simple as putting a can of tuna in the cart. You are letting them handle their own disagreements without needing to step in and micromanage. 

You’ve got this. You are enough, mama. 

On days when you are sure they are climbing the walls, literally. You are enough. 

On days when you aren’t sure how you can scrape enough ingredients together to make a cohesive meal. You are enough. 

On days when the laundry is piled up, the dishes are all dirty, and the toilet is clogged. You are enough. 

You are the mom chosen for these kids. God didn’t choose these kids for your neighbor, or the lady on Pinterest that does all sorts of crazy crafts, or the incredibly wealthy family across the country. God chose you because you are perfect for them. You are enough for them. 

You are enough because even when they are driving you bonkers you still love them fiercely. You may not always like everything they do (how could you?) but you love them. 

You are enough because when you break down and cry in front of them because it can all seem like too much you are teaching them that emotions are nothing to be ashamed of and that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. 

You are enough because when you mess up or you lose your temper you apologize and teach them that even Mommy makes mistakes and needs to ask for forgiveness. They will learn that no one is perfect and everyone needs grace. 

You are enough and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You are enough.


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