Update on July’s Goals & My Goals for August

How has another month passed us by already? Is it really going to be August tomorrow? I might be freaking out a little at everything I need to get done this month. But before I get to that let’s look at my goals from July and how I did with them. 

1. A date with Micah

We actually got to do two dates this month! We had one at-home date where we ordered sushi and watched a movie and when we visited my parents we got to go out to dinner and out to a movie! We are simple people for dates but it makes it easy! It was wonderful getting that special time with him to be US and not be focused on the kids. 

2. Mommy-kid dates with the three big kids

July somehow got away from us and with all the travel at the end I only got to take Parker and Mercedes on their dates. Jamison and I have one on the calendar for next weekend though so he won’t be left behind. If you’ve never done a mommy/kid date I highly encourage you to try it! We started at age 3 and try to do something simple and fun that allows us to connect one-on-one with the kid for an hour or so. 

3. Hand write three letters

Oh goodness. How sad that I didn’t get this one done? I pulled out the paper but it never got finished. It will happen this week. I’ll be sure to follow up with you on it!

4. Start journals with the big boys

We’ve started! And I meant to send the journals with them for the week they spent at Micah’s parents house so they could write down all the fun stuff they were doing but I totally spaced and didn’t transfer them from my bag to their bag on the trip. Oh well. At least we got started and we can keep these going now. 

Well, not as great as other months but I still got some quality relationship time in. It’s definitely an area I need to keep working in so I can build up stronger relationships with those I love. 


Goals for August

This month is all about Back to School prep! We are a few weeks away from the big boys heading out again and I have so many things to get done before that happens! 

1. School Shopping!

I need to have the boys help me go through all their school supplies from last year so we can decide what needs to be tossed, what can stay at the house, and what is usable for another school year. Then I can cross reference with the school supply list to see what else we need to buy. So many supplies!

2. Clothing Purge

The big boys dressers have gotten out of control and I know it’s because I haven’t gone through them to make a clothing switch in a LONG time. I’ve seen Parker come upstairs attempting to wear 5T pants (he wears an 8) and Jamison showing off some belly button when he raises his arms. And I know LOTS of their pants have both knees blow out. Time for an overhaul! I’m hoping all the clearance shopping I did over the summer means I won’t need to buy them many new items 

3. Prep for Home Preschool

Years and years ago I did Raising Rock Stars PreSchool program with Parker and Jamison. I started when Parker was almost 5 and Jamison was 3.5. It was a little much for Jamison but he did well. I’ve got two years before Mercedes starts Kindergarten so this year I want to do some practice school with her once or twice a week to focus on numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. She can count and say her ABC’s but she has no idea what any of them look like. Once I figure out what exactly I’m going to do with her I’ll be sure to share it here!

4. Food Prep!

School starting means busier schedules. I’m in and out of the house during the day and my activities for MOPS start up as well. I’m not much for full freezer meals but I love having lots of ready to go meal components – refried beans, pancake mix, English muffins, etc – that I can pull out of the freezer to make meal time a little smoother for me. Every Tuesday on the blog during August I’m going to share how I’m filling my freezer with easy items that don’t cost a lot either! I’ll share the recipes I’m using and you can fill your freezer as well right along with me.


What are your goals for August? Do you have any kids heading to school this year?  How do you keep clothes on rotation in your home?


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