Food Prep Week 2 – Pancake Mix, Sausage Balls, Biscuits, and English Muffins {Recipes}

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It’s week two of prepping food to make the back to school season a little easier. This week I want to focus on breakfast so I’m going to make pancake mix, sausage balls, biscuits, and English muffins. Let’s dive in and get started!

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I know lots of people make a huge batch of pancakes and freeze them already cooked but I’m not a huge fan of how they reheat. Never as good as fresh! Instead I’m mixing up the dry ingredients in storage bags labeled with the wet ingredients and amounts that need to be added. This makes mornings just a little smoother because I can dump the dry ingredients in a bowl and add in the wet ingredients while the griddle heats up. Yes it may only shave a few minutes off but anything is better than nothing in my mind! And since it’s only a mix of flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder in the bag I can continue to reuse it for the same purpose. Win-win!

I searched high and low for a pancake recipe that I loved. I think I tried at least a dozen! I love this recipe because the pancakes cook up super fluffy, not thin. They remind me of a diner style pancake because of how thick they are. Yum!

The recipe below makes about six large pancakes. Obviously that is not enough for a family of seven. I quadrupled the ingredients for each batch of mix I made and I made four batches of mix. It was a lot of flour!


Pancake Mix

adapted from Pocket Change Gourmet


I've made sausage balls two ways in my life - with raw sausage and cooked sausage. I guess those are really the only two ways to make them, right? I like the cooked sausage version because then I KNOW the meat is cooked through but I also like the raw sausage version because they seem to stay a little more moist. The ingredients are the same for both versions but you might need a little more milk for the cooked sausage version since the uncooked meat helps hold the dry ingredients together better.

Once the mixture comes together I scoop it onto cookie sheets with one of my awesome cookie scoops and stick the trays in the freezer to flash freeze. After they are frozen I place them in freezer bags so they are ready to go. When I'm ready to cook them I line them up on a tray and cook according to the directions. You will want a cookie sheet with edges if you are using raw sausage because of the extra grease so keep that in mind! 

Sausage Balls from Scratch

adapted from It's Gravy Baby


I love, love, love biscuits and gravy. There are times I think I should have been born in the south with how much I love foods like biscuits and gravy and fried chicken, and saying, "y'all." But I can't handle that heat so I'll stay further north. These biscuits are so incredibly easy to pull together and keep in the freezer. One batch lasts our family two meals so a smaller family could probably get three or maybe even four meals from this recipe depending on how many each person eats. I actually made a double batch for this prep but I listed the original recipe below. 

Freezer Biscuits

adapted from Money Saving Mom


Have you ever looked at the price of English muffins in the store? I've seen them cost between $3 and $4 for six little muffins! Occasionally you can get them on sale for $1-$2 but that can be hit or miss. I've never calculated how much this recipe costs me to make but I know it MUST be less than that for the dozen or more I'm able to make.

The key to cooking these is low heat. You don't want the outside browning before the inside has a chance to cook. Be patient and let them do their thing on the griddle and you will be rewarded! I got these going and once they were on the griddle I worked on the other foods I prepped today. I only needed to check on them every 5-10 minutes because of how low and slow they cook. 

Homemade English Muffins

adapted from The Happy Housewife

Phew! I'm so pleased with everything I accomplished in this round! I know it's going to make mornings go so much smoother when I have items prepped and ready to go. If you need other ideas on how to make mornings smoother, even if you have young kids, check out this post I wrote! 

And if you missed last week's food prep post you can find that here. 

Come back next week and we will prep a few main dish items such as taco meat, shredded chicken, and pizza crusts. 


Are you cooking along with me? What is your favorite breakfast food? 


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