Food Prep Week 4 – Peanut Butter & Jelly, Banana Bread, Banana Muffins, and 30 Minute Rolls {Recipes}

Welcome back for another round of stocking the freezer to prepare for back to school season! If you are just joining us I’m posting recipes and ideas every Tuesday in August to fill your pantry and freezer with foods that will make life a tad easier once school starts. I don’t make full blow freezer meals but I like having meal components ready to go so I can pull a breakfast or dinner together in less time.

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This week I’m making some “extras” and I got the kids involved. First up: Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches! Many people don’t realize you can freeze them but have you ever seen Uncrustables at your grocery store? They are in the freezer!

I gave Jamison the peanut butter and Parker the jelly and let them go. It took them maybe twenty minutes to assemble eleven sandwiches. I bagged them and put them back in the bread bag and stuck it in the freezer. They take a pb&j to school every Friday so now they are set for the next five weeks! I think I’ll turn this into a monthly task for them. 

Next up is Banana Bread and Banana Muffins. I used my mom’s banana bread recipe that I shared several months ago. I made a double batch of batter/dough  and made half into bread and half into mini muffins. I decided on mini muffins so the big boys can bring them in their lunches and they are also perfect snacking size for all the kids. 

Half the recipe made 48 muffins and four were eaten before I bagged them up so there are 44 mini muffins in the freezer. I didn’t grab a shot of the two loaves of banana bread I made, whoops! One got shuffled into the freezer before I snapped a pic and the other was consumed rather quickly as well. At least I have one in the freezer for another week!

Last up on this round of food prep is 30 minute rolls. They are called 30 minute rolls because it only takes about 30 minutes until they are ready to pop in the oven – no need to wait hours for the yeast to rise! Warning: This makes a HUGE amount of dough. It really pushes the limits of my KitchenAid mixer. It almost doesn’t fit and there are times I have to stop and scoop it back down so it doesn’t crawl up the dough hook. But you will be well stocked in rolls! 

The size of my rolls started larger (the rolls on the far right) but I decided to divide them smaller to not only get more, but to fool my kids, ha! They always want more rolls but if the rolls are small they don’t really care as long as they still get two. May as well make them a tad smaller!

This recipe can be cut in thirds if you don’t need the full batch or don’t want to mix that much dough together. However before you make this choice just know that you freeze these unbaked so you can have fresh, hot rolls whenever you need


30 Minute Rolls

from MoneySavingMom

I'm so excited to have these on hand again. They are perfect for pairing with a bowl of soup or chili in the fall and that season is just around the corner! I just need to remember to only make enough for one meal at a time or all the rolls are gone before I get a chance to replenish the supply. 

I can't believe there is only one week left of August! Where did the summer go? Next Tuesday for the final week of food prep I'm keeping it super easy and fun - snacks and dessert! I'll be making granola bars, puppy chow, and two types of cookie dough. I may even add in another if I get really motivated 😉 See you on Tuesday!

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Are you doing any freezer cooking or food prep? Do your kids start school soon? How do you make meal time less hectic? Tell me in the comments!


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