Lifted out of a bad day

Ugh. It was one of those days where the plans I made simply didn’t work. One after another stumbling blocks got in my way. 

I woke up at 515am to do yoga and the little guys woke up when I had 25min left to go. Then they kept needing to go potty so I couldn’t get back in a zone of worship to finish. 

I had trouble making breakfast and focusing on the tasks at hand. 

Salsa got spilled everywhere. 

The potty training twins had several accidents that required a hosing down in the tub after doing so well for so long. 

The big kids were at each other with everything they had and the little guys were getting in the way and getting hurt. 

I burned part of lunch. 

The little guys are still learning how to talk so they screech and scream in high pitched wails instead of showing me what they need (so nerve grating!). 

By the point bathtime rolled around I was DONE. I had hit my limit of shrieking, fighting, yelling, all of it. While attempting to get the little guys ready for bed one of them would NOT STOP SCREAMING. I begged him to stop. I begged him to tell me what was wrong. He kept going and I broke down. I sat on the floor and sobbed. 

The older kids overheard me and walked in. My oldest asked what was wrong. I told him I felt overwhelmed and tired. He gave me a hug and said he was sorry. Two of the other kids brought me blankets and stuffed animals for comfort. They lifted my face to give kisses. Those sweet, gentle kisses lifted me from a bad day. God is good and sends His grace and love in the form of those slobbery little kisses sometimes. 


I’m linking this up over at Kate Motaung’s for Five Minute Friday. Every week a one-word writing prompt is given and writers have five minutes to share.

This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation.

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