My Friday Find: Sweaty Bands

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I came up with a new idea! Occasionally on Fridays I’m going to share with you some new (and hopefully fabulous!) finds I’ve come across. ! I’ll give you a quick review and the lowdown on where you can find them yourself if you want. 

I want these posts to be honest – not just a hype of some product I’m being paid to sponsor. Truth? I don’t have any sponsored posts! At least not yet this early in the game. Someday? Sure, hopefully. But even then I only want to tell you guys about products and companies that I actually use or think will help you in your life. I’d much rather stay true to this blogs mission of helping you love the life you have and find joy in the every day moments then make a buck. Ya with me? 

Now, just because these aren’t “sponsored” posts doesn’t mean I may not be compensated. If you’ve ever read my disclosure policy you know that there are certain companies that I do get a small compensation fee from if you happen to purchase through a link that I share. It doesn’t affect your price AT ALL. It simply gives me a teeny tiny kick back and allows me to keep this place up and running. I really and truly appreciate every single person that uses one of my affiliate links to buy a product. I literally grin and holler at Micah every time I see a purchase has been made. It’s the little things, people. 

So, on to this week’s find! 

Sweaty bands! Oh me oh my where have these been all my life? I put these on my birthday list this year because I was tired of all my stray hair bothering me while doing P90X. I wasn’t expecting much because Target had them on clearance. It must have just been seasonal colors or something because they are the best freaking thing ever for keeping my hair out of my face and staying where I put them! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the two I got. 

I’ve been wearing them for several weeks now and I’m blow away with how well they work. I had headbands years ago that were supposed to stay in place because of a thin line of what looked like dried hot glue on the inside. Um, didn’t work. The Sweaty Bands? They have stayed in place during strength training when I’m dripping with sweat, during yoga when I’m upside down half the time, and during cardio days when I’m jumping all over the place and thought for sure they would bounce out. It’s amazing!

I was a little concerned that they may squeeze my brain and I’d end up with a headache if I wore them too long. How else could they stay in so nicely, right? Wrong! I forget I have one in most of the time! I rock the mom bun 99% of my days and I’ve been throwing on one of these bands to spruce up my style when we go out shopping or to church. Stylish and and they do their job? Winning! 

Seriously though, I’m in love with these things and I’ve been eyeing all the fantastic designs and colors so I can add more to my stash. I mean there is this one with all the different colors and then this one with POLKA DOTS, hello! And what about this great orange one? Oh man! I know what is going on my Christmas list – more Sweaty Bands

Have you tried Sweaty Bands? Do you love them/hate them? Do you have something else you use to keep the crazy stray hairs out of your way? 


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