Promises for the Hungry Heart – Week 24 {Update}

Welcome back! If you are just joining us, we are using the YouVersion Bible App to follow a devotional together. Read THIS POST to get all the information you need to join in and then you can read THIS MORNING’S POST to see the promises we are focusing on this week.  

Did you get a chance to spend some time with this week’s promises? I read them over and over and had such a hard time deciding which one stood out to me the most. Each one is so fantastic but the promise I am claiming this week is….

Because My Spirit is in you there is no limit to what I am able to do for you. Ephesians 3:20-21

Do you ever put limitations on God? Perhaps you or someone you know is struggling with their health issues so you pray that they would feel better or have some easier days but what about absolute healing? Or you say the words asking for healing but there is a voice in the back of your head doubting it could actually happen. 

I know I’m guilty of this. I’ve had back issues before and I can remember praying for healing during a service but thinking that it won’t really happen because why should it? Or I’ll pray for relief for the day rather than complete deliverance from the pain. Why??

God is more than able to heal my back or rid a body of cancer. 

But what about areas of our lives that aren’t health related? What about praying for our marriages, or our children’s hearts and souls? What about our jobs? We may pray for a good marriage but what about an amazing marriage that glorifies God and becomes a testimony to those around you? We pray that our children would follow the path set before them and love God but what if He wants them to go out into the mission field and win hearts for Him? We pray for a stable job that provides for our household but what if we pray for favor in the workplace and He brings us to a position we never thought we could obtain but always wanted? 

Then there are the times we pray and pray for something and it seems that God doesn’t answer or He answers in a way that doesn’t line up with what we want at all. God has this amazing ability of knowing better than we do. He sees eternity and what may seem like something small now can turn into something bigger and better as time goes on to the point where we are blown away with how His answer to our prayer ends up. He’s kind of amazing that way. 

We can’t fathom what God is capable of because He’s capable of everything. Our brains are so stuck in the human mindset and the here and now that it’s easy to block out those things that seem unreachable or too big for our circumstances. 

I challenge you, as a child of God, to PRAY BIG. Claim the requests you have for Him. He is able to do IMMEASURABLY MORE than what we could ever dream to ask for so PRAY BIG. Boldly present your requests to a God that loves you beyond what any words could convey and see what happens. He may ask you to do some bold things in return but think of the big things that can happen when you realize how much more He can do for you. 

Father God, I thank you that you love us so much and are willing to go above and beyond what we could ever ask you to do. Thank you that your wisdom surpasses ours so that you know what is better than what we have in mind, even if we don’t see why until much later. I pray that you would give us the courage to pray big and pray bold and be ready to follow the big and bold paths you set before us. Amen. 

Have you seen God answer a prayer in a bigger or bolder way than you expected? How did that affect you?




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