Update on September’s Goals & My Goals for October

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Yay fall! I love this time of year. The cool mornings and perfect afternoons are simply the best. I know the chill of winter will creep up on us before we know it so I’m trying to enjoy it while it’s here. Three months left of 2016! Wowza. But instead of dwelling on that let’s see how my goals went this month!

Goals for September

1. Paint!

I had a blast painting this month. I stretched myself a bit and didn’t only do words like I’ve done before but actually painted THINGS. Ack! I think I may need to ask for canvases for Christmas because I’ve really started to enjoy this new creative outlet and think I could fill up my entire vaulted kitchen wall with fun art!


2. Wood sign for the boys’ room

This was another fun one. I tried to keep it looking “kid like” so I roughed it up a bit after sanding it and didn’t worry about making letters perfect. I also chose wood that had lots of knots and imperfections. I wanted it to seem like something the kids threw together and not a perfect project. I think it turned out pretty cute!

3. Crochet new hats

I didn’t do so great with this one. I have Anders’ hat almost done and I’m about 3/4 of the way through Cade’s hat. I would have been further but I had to rip half of it out because I started making him the toddler size hat (cause he’s not even 2 yet) and it was too small! So I had to go back to the right spot and add another row to make it bigger and I’m still working on the length now. And I haven’t even started Mercedes’ hat. Thankfully she has lots of store bought hats from previous years so she won’t be cold. I’d still like to get one made for her but we

4. Journaling

I spent a bit of time in this book doing a few of the prompts. It definitely stretched me as I tried to pick prompts that weren’t in my typical writing style. It was enjoyable and challenging and I’d like to keep up with it a couple times a month to expand my abilities and not get stuck in a writing funk. 

Not too shabby! What does October have in store for me?

Goals for October

As much as I wanted to focus on a fun area for October I knew I needed to be practical this month. I’m going to be focused on house projects this month. We’ve got some fall clean up to do as well as some projects to get us ready for winter and the holidays. Some won’t take much time at all and others are a bit more of a chore. That darn adulting that needs to happen sometimes, I tell ya! 

1. Clean out the front hall closet

This is one of our most trouble filled spots in the house. Shoes for seven people that each seem to have seven pairs but only two pairs ever get worn? Oy. Plus jackets, sweatshirts, hats, mittens & gloves, and all sorts of other stuff? It’s gotten a little crazy lately. Micah agreed to help me sort through everything and get it looking nice again. Yay!

2. Put away all the summer toys & equipment

There is a good chance that by the end of the month we could see snow in our area. It’s happened many times before and I’d rather get things like scooters, bikes, sand toys, and patio furniture all put away BEFORE the freezing temps hit than after. This is one of those chores that only takes a small bit of time but the motivation to go out there and do it when there is a couch with cozy blankets and mugs of cider or coffee inside? Battle of the mind right there. 

3. Swap out summer & winter gear

No need for flip flops when it’s barely above freezing outside! And gone are the days of walking outside in only a t-shirt. We need to put away all the warm weather shoes and pull out jackets, boots, and snow gear so we are ready when it hits. Not a fun thought but better than digging through bins at 7am before school because there is a layer of snow on the ground. 

4. Create a display/storage solution for LEGO Dimensions products

Have you heard about LEGO dimensions? We are big fans of this “game to life” video game and have nearly all the sets available from the first series. The second series just started this week with waves coming out every few months. When we only had a few characters and vehicles storage was easy but now that our collection has grown we need a way to display and store all the figures but still have them easily accessible during play. But not too easily accessible because the little boys really like to take them all apart. We’ve looked around at lots of different options and I think we may have finally found something. Hopefully it works as well as we think it will!

I think those four projects plus THREE birthdays in October will keep us plenty busy. I’m still a little in denial that I’m going to have an eight year old plus my babies are going to be two! We are doing a joint party for the three of them with both sides of our family. They chose a Toy Story theme and Parker is thrilled about it. He keeps coming up with all sorts of crazy and elaborate ideas for me to try and pull off for this party. Um, how about I make a cake and hang up some streamers. Cool? Cool. 


What are your goals for October? Any house projects you plan to tackle before the cooler temps take over?


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