Food prep, fun hair, and time with friends – five things that filled me with joy this week

Every week I like to take a moment to showcase the moments that brought me the most joy. Sometimes they are awesome activities and other times it’s a sweet moment between the kids. There are always moments that can fill us with joy if we choose to see them with a thankful heart.

The weather turned awesome this week and a good portion of our snow is actually melting! We swung from temps well below zero to temps hanging out above freezing in about a week’s time. It’s a nice peek at spring that will hopefully be right around the corner. 

Warmer temps weren’t the only good part of the week though!

1. Food prep

We plowed through all the food I prepped back in August, especially the breakfast items, so it was far past time for me to replenish the stash. I made a huge batch of English muffins and several bags of pancake mix to help on busy mornings. I also took the time to think ahead about breakfasts for the week rather than coming up with a meal the night before. Having a plan once again proves a winner. I think I need to have more specific plans in place for breakfasts as well as dinner from now on. 

And these English muffins? So fluffy and delicious! So far we’ve used them for egg sandwiches and mini breakfast pizzas. 


2. Teal hair

I’ve shared my love for crazy colored hair before and it was about time to freshen things up! The last time I colored was probably the end of summer – yikes! My sweet friend Kate came over with two of her girls and made me teal! It actually goes from dark teal at the roots to a lighter teal at the ends but this picture doesn’t show it… especially since I have a hat on, haha! 

Parker didn’t recognize me when I was picking him up from school and walked right past our car several times. And a little girl at church was fascinated and asked her mommy if she could touch it <3 So sweet! 


3. First haircut

I’m not the only one that had an exciting week for hair – Mercedes got her FIRST haircut! I promised her quite a while ago that for her 4th birthday we would go to a salon and have a girly day of getting our hair done and nails painted. Well, she only wanted Kate to do her hair. Kate was happy to do it so she trimmed it up while we waited for my color to set. It is about 5 inches shorter from the longest point but it’s still plenty long enough to put up in various styles. 


4. Imaginative play

For whatever reason Mercedes and Cade have decided that this electronic potato head is now their baby. They’ve been playing together as “mommy and daddy” this week and taking care of the potato like a child. They feed it bottles, tuck it into bed on the couch, and cradle it as they carry it around.  


5. Time with friends

On Saturday morning I got to spend several hours with some of my most favorite ladies – the leadership team for my MOPS group! It was time for our spring planning retreat where we take time to go over how the year has gone so far and finalize plans for the second half. We got our whole agenda done with time to spare, laughed a lot, ate tons of amazing food, and cried together as we shared things that were on our hearts. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by incredible women that love the Lord and have such a heart for moms. 


What filled your heart with joy this week? How old were your kids when they got their first haircuts? 


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