Savor the slow {Three Word Wednesday}

It was a rare weekend around these parts. We had NO plans other than church. And not only were there no real plans, we had a bonus day because of the holiday. Three whole days together as a family with nothing on the calendar. Remember how my word for the year is LESS? I’m really trying to embrace that as much as possible. Less busy, less rush, just less. 

Usually on a normal weekend we head out the door as soon as breakfast is over. We wander around stores together browsing our favorite areas, maybe buying the last of the weekly groceries, or simply window shopping. Going from store to store with five kids takes quite a bit of extra time so once we’ve hit a few places it’s time to get home, fill their bellies, and send the little ones to nap and the big ones to quiet reading time. After they wake up there is a little time for snack and play before it’s dinner and bed. Not a whole lot of quality family time and instead lots of rushing and pleading to hurry. 

This weekend we chose to savor the slow. We didn’t leave the house on Saturday. Well, I did for a bit in the morning to do some grocery shopping but the kids stayed back with Micah. They wrestled, played some video games, and started learning how to play chess. That afternoon the three big kids and Micah and I played a board game together and then they moved to the basement where they played games for the next few hours. 

After church on Sunday we played more games, we watched a movie, and we read some books. We cuddled and laughed. We had tickle fights and giggled until our sides hurt. We continued to work on our chess skills. We ate pie for a special treat. 

Monday was very similar to Saturday. We all stayed in our pajamas. More games, more giggles, more togetherness. And we capped off a weekend of slow with a special meal at a favorite restaurant where the kids were fabulous. 

It was one of the first weekends in quite a long time that didn’t go by in a flash. I didn’t wake up on Tuesday wondering if three days really just flew by without my notice. The slow life, one where I’m not constantly thinking about what comes next, where I need to be, or what needs to get done, is a life I could get used to. We still did what we needed to do. In fact we got through every item of dirty clothing in the house and at one point the only dirty clothes were the items we were wearing. All the dishes were clean at one point… and then we ate again, lol. 

While this type of weekend won’t be our new “normal” I do like the idea of making it a more regular part of life. Less hustle and bustle, more family time. More enjoying life together with what we have. 

I’ve decided that there’s nothing better than to go ahead and have a good time and get the most we can out of life. That’s it — eat, drink, and make the most of your job. It’s God’s gift. Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 (MSG)


How do you take time to slow down and enjoy life? What are your favorite “lazy day” activities? 


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