What I’m Reading – January {Three Word Wednesday}

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I haven’t updated you all on my reading list since August. Back then I was absorbed in Terri Blackstock and reading everything I could get my hands on. I tend to do this with authors. If I like one book then I usually seek out every book the person has ever written and don’t stop until I’ve consumed them all. I did it with RL Stine and Judy Blume as a kid, Stephen King once I got a little older, then moving on to Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye, and Ted Dekker once I got saved. 

I was happily working my way through Terri Blackstock’s many series when I got stuck because our library didn’t have the final book in two of her series! I finally managed to track them down using the state’s library system but it takes significantly longer for them to show up. I needed something to hold me over and my father in law happened to recommend an author along the same line as Blackstock that he had recently read. 

Enter Dani Pettrey. I grabbed the first book in her Alaskan Courage series and it sat on my shelf for at least two weeks before I picked it up. Granted it was over Christmas so my priorities were elsewhere but still… I have a really hard time starting a new author!

I finally picked it up and read a few pages but every time I tried to really sit down and read something would interrupt me and I’d put it down for a few more days. About a week and a half ago I finally sat down and focused on the book. I’m so glad I did! 

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Submerged kept me wanting to turn it’s pages. I didn’t want to set it down once I focused and was drawn into the story. I carried my book all over the house and finished over the course of two days. As soon as I set it down I grabbed my phone and reserved books two and three. I picked them up this past Friday and I finished book three today. I’ve now got books four and five on hold and *fingers crossed* I’ll pick them up this weekend and finish them in the same time frame. 

These books are suspenseful and intriguing. They kept me guessing about “who done it” until the final reveal. The characters are dealing with real hurts and struggling with their faith. They battle the lies that come with dark pasts and bad choices. They have to decide who they can trust and when, or if, they should ever compromise their beliefs to discover the truth.

If you enjoy a good mystery with page turning suspense and a side story of romance for good measure then grab Submerged from Dani Pettrey and get to love the McKenna family. 


Right now you can read Submerged by Dani Pettrey for free as an Amazon Prime member using any Kindle device or by using the free Kindle app on a computer or mobile device. If you aren’t a Prime member you can sign up for a free 30 day trial to gain access to the book plus enjoy all the other perks of being a Prime member like free 2-day shipping, Prime music, Prime photos, and so many others!

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What books are you reading right now? Any must-reads to share with me? Let me know in the comments!


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