Year of Less {Three Word Wednesday}

Here we are at the beginning of a new year. There is something so inspiring about a new year – it’s like a fresh start. It really isn’t any different than any other day when you think about it but somehow we’ve all gotten it in our minds that January 1st means we get to begin again. People set goals and make resolutions. Others choose a single word to live by for the year. I’ve set goals before (and usually failed) and I’ve made resolutions (and definitely failed) but I’ve never done the word thing

until now. 

I wasn’t planning on choosing a word. I was simply planning for the year, both on the blog and for our family, when one word was pressed into my mind – LESS. 

We have become a culture of MORE. More things, more activities, more plans, more, more, more. But what good is all of that? Does it really do us any good? 

Less is what I need. Less things, less activities, less plans, less focus on me, less, less, less. 

@@I need less of everything else so there can be more room for HIM.@@

I started in the easiest place – the stuff. We are spending every week on one area of our home to purge all the stuff that is cluttering up our lives. Just the idea of getting all the unneeded items out of the house is making me feel lighter, freer. I’m going to be floating by the time December rolls around again! 

Less activities? That’s fairly easy since we aren’t involved in much, but I’ll be making sure that we are intentional with the activities we do participate in. And this goes along with the plans. No filling the calendar just to fill it up. It’s okay to have a weekend of only going to church. It’s okay to skip a party if it’s not in the best interest of our family. Less busy. 

And less focus on me and what I want. I’ve got ideas swirling in my head but if they aren’t what God has planned then I want them gone. The only way to have more of Him in my life is to have less focus on me. 

He must become greater; I must become less.  John 3:30


Did you set a goal or resolution for the year? What about choosing a word to embrace this year? 




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