Coloring, imagination, and baking- 7 things that brought me joy this week

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Every week I like to take a moment to showcase the moments that brought me the most joy. Sometimes they are awesome activities and other times it’s a sweet moment between the kids. There are always moments that can fill us with joy if we choose to see them with a thankful heart.

I came down with a terrible head cold this week. The kind where bending over even slightly makes my whole head fill with pressure and my eyes cross. My nose is raw from constantly blowing it. But an illness doesn’t need to ruin everything! One day I asked the kids if I could simply crawl into bed and they take care of themselves. Parker exclaimed, “Yes! Peanut butter and jelly for dinner!” I didn’t do that but it’s good to know he can at least get everyone a little food if it needed to happen, haha! 

Check out these highlights from the week!

1. Valentine hunt

All on their own the big boys decided to create a Valentine hunt for their sister. They gathered construction paper and cut out dozens of hearts in various colors. On each one they wrote a message, usually “your secret admirer,” and hid them around the house. It was such a sweet gesture and very creative of them. 


2. Cinnamon bread

I had a jug of milk that needed to get used up this week so I made a big batch of cinnamon muffins and two loaves of cinnamon swirl bread. Mercedes requested cinnamon bread for her birthday breakfast next week and I was happy to make it happen. The house smelled amazing after I finished everything!


3. Coloring

One of my goals in February was to set aside time to color. This is my year of less and less sometimes means less busy, less stress, less go-go-go. I blocked out time during naps this week to spend time in my coloring book and I felt refreshed and relaxed when it was time to put it away! 


4. Imagination

After breakfast one morning these three lined up the chairs and created a choo-choo train. They swapped places over and over and Mercedes kept shouting out new places they were traveling to. 


5. Play time with Daddy

Who needs bulky and expensive play equipment when your daddy can transform into a slide? I posted a video of their silly antics on Instagram because it’s simply too funny not to see in action. I love watching them play with Micah. 


6. Batman!

Our library hosted a LEGO Batman party because of the LEGO Batman Movie that is coming out this week. We are quite the LEGO fans in this house and what’s not to love about Batman? We played games, danced to songs, listened to a story, and ate a Batman themed snack. 


7. Mommy-daughter date

First of three dates done for the month! Our theater did a special showing of Frozen over the weekend for a discounted price and Mercedes agreed it would be a great date for the two of us. She dressed up in her Elsa costume (not that you can see it in this picture) and enjoyed seeing a movie, just the two of us. 


This week has more to-dos on the calendar but I know there will still be oodles of chances to choose joy over frustration, resentment, or stress. I encourage you to take a breath and choose joy, no matter your circumstances, as well!


Where did you choose joy this week? Do you do parent-child dates? Any great kid date ideas to share?


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