{Looking back at my} First Official Year {as a blogger}

I’ve done it. Well, last year was when it was “done” but with a certain someone’s birthday I couldn’t focus on both at once. But now that’s over so let’s focus back on me 😉

One year. I’ve been blogging for one full year! I’ve published about 330 posts. Do you realize how crazy that is? I feel like I can’t take credit for all of them because the first devotional post each week is a repeat where only the verses change. But even if you take out all those posts that still leaves me with nearly 300 of my own posts. Wowza. 

God called me to start this blog all the way back in the beginning of 2015. Through a conversation with a friend God called me to share. To be honest. To be open. To talk about the hard parts of motherhood. To talk about my dark times. But also to talk about the great parts. The fun parts. The amazing things that happen every day. The moments that can slip away so easily if we don’t pause and realize how great they are. 

And I’m trying. I feel like a lot of this first year has been finding my footing. Figuring out how this blog is supposed to look, sound, and feel. I have this idea of my “target reader” in my head and I try to write towards her. I try to have a conversation with her. I want to encourage and inspire her. I want her to know that life isn’t picture perfect. It’s not staged and it’s not well lit like many instagram photos would have you believe. It’s not all themed and coordinated like Pinterest. It’s messy and busy and hard and fun and crazy. And so worth every single stinking minute. 

It’s been interesting to see what posts have really resonated with people. I’ve been trying to keep an eye on what people like to read as well as what I like to write about and what God puts on my heart to really figure out what to focus on more often. As of now, these are my five most popular posts:

  1. Are you buying these 16 items at Sam’s Club?
  2. 2016 Christmas Menus and how I’m staying in budget
  3. Sew Your Own Car Seat Poncho
  4. Summer Bucket List Bingo {Free Printable}
  5. 2017 Clutter Buster Challenge

The nice thing about this list is lines up with what I was thinking already. I want to write more on the managing side of this chaotic life. I’ve learned that if I don’t take the steps and become proactive this chaos is going to overtake me. I get to rule the chaos, it does not rule me! 

What does this mean for the blog? It means I’ll still be around for sure. I don’t ever plan on leaving! Muah-ah-ah-ah… uh. Sorry about that. Seriously though, I love this place. I’ve met some amazing people and really enjoyed just about every single part of this experience. But I want to expand and grow. I want to share more home management tips, recipes, crafts, diy ideas, and most of all, the joy that comes from knowing Christ and being thankful for all He has done for us.  

I’m excited to expand my focus but at the same time refine it. I’m looking forward to meeting more people and building stronger relationships with other bloggers. I’m anxious to edit and refine the thoughts for my devotional and get that released. I’m ready to put out some new free printables to inspire people to choose joy and strengthen their walk with God. I’m very thankful for all I’ve learned this year and I’m ready for more – are you with me?


I’d love to hear from you in the comments 

  • Are you a regular reader or are you new?

  • What types of posts would you like to see on My Joy in Chaos?

  • What burning questions do you have for me?


And once again, a sincere THANK YOU to everyone that has read one, five, twenty, or every single one of these posts. There are a billion or more blogs out there that could capture your attention and you’ve found your way here and that means a whole dang bunch to me. I’d love to get to know you all better!


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