Man buns, caramel rolls, and sleepy children – six things that brought me joy this week

Every week I like to take a moment to showcase the moments that brought me the most joy. Sometimes they are awesome activities and other times it’s a sweet moment between the kids. There are always moments that can fill us with joy if we choose to see them with a thankful heart.

It was a quiet week around these parts. We didn’t do much but it’s also nice to slow down. I got back on track with my workouts and hit my goal of three in a week. I’m planning on doing an update of the program I’m using at the end of the month so stay tuned for that!

1. Man-buns

Both little guys were asking to get their hair put up this week when it kept getting in their face. They look hilarious with their little man buns that I had to snap a picture. I’m really having a tough time deciding if I want to keep their gorgeous curls and baby hair or give them cuts and turn them into official big boys. Such is the story of final children – mama isn’t quite ready for them to grow up! 


2. Caramel Rolls

I try to get in at least one baking project each week but usually it’s something simple like cookies, quick breads, or muffins. This week I went for a more elaborate project and whipped up a batch of caramel rolls. They don’t last long around these parts and everyone gets so excited when they make an appearance. It’s a good way to spread joy around the whole family. 


3. Valentines

The boys spent Saturday morning busy filling out Valentine cards for their parties this week. Each boy also had enough left over to make some for teachers and staff at the school plus for their siblings. Apparently we need to work on how to spell “Mercedes” as neither boy could figure it out on their own. They have such big hearts!


4. Snuggles

This boy was feeling extra sleepy or a little off on Saturday and only wanted to snuggle mama. I sat my butt down, ignored all the other “to-dos” and let him fall asleep on my chest. Eventually he woke up a little and I captured this sweet moment


5. “I don’t need a nap”

It’s tough when your big brothers don’t need naps anymore, you want to keep up with them, but your little body still needs naps. We gave her the choice of napping and staying awake until her normal bedtime or skipping nap and going to bed early. She chose to skip her nap… kind of. She didn’t nap during nap time but she fell asleep on the couch before dinner. Even though we knew this was likely to happen it’s still precious to see her so peaceful and curled up. 


6. Tea party

Now that the little guys have learned how to open doors (ugh!) their bedroom has become a favorite place to play. This weekend I found them with a few play dishes in Cade’s crib having a tea party. They pour, sip, and smack their lips. Their goofiness just fills my heart!


Where did you find joy this week? Share what you are loving in the comments!

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