My Monthly Goals {Update on February and goals for March}

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Goals for February

It’s only two or three days shorter but man this month still flew by. Then again, every month seems to fly by since we are already hitting March and I swear I still have crumbs from Christmas hiding in my kitchen. Oh man… that was supposed to be a joke but now I wonder if I do!

1. Mommy-kid dates

I got to take all three big kids out on separate mommy-kid dates. Mercedes and I went to see Frozen in the theater, Jamison and I went out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and Parker and I hit up Olive Garden for lunch. I’m really glad we make these dates a part of our budget and a priority in our lives. Getting to know our children out of the shadow of siblings or the chaos of what’s going on at home is priceless. I really encourage every parent to do this with their own kids. 


2. Color

I worked on a page in my Psalms coloring book a bit more this month as well as using a small notebook to doodle several Bible verses that really spoke to me during my morning quiet time. I’m now keeping my pencils and notebook in the kitchen so I can use it when I’m alone in the morning rather than hunting it down later in the day. 


3. Exercise

I mixed things up this month with my exercise. I did a few videos I found on Amazon that are free with my Prime membership as well as getting in walks during our nice days. I’m struggling to find a good balance between what I need to get done during the day, spending time with the kids, and writing. Because of this the workouts are on the shorter side but the few videos I did really had me panting and pushing myself (hence the crazy face in the picture). I need to find more on that path so I can get in a quality workout in a time that fits my current schedule. 


Goals for March

I spent some time thinking and praying about how to approach my goals for March and decided focusing on one area was helpful initially but now I need to spread my focus a little more. Now I’ll have a single goal for different areas: family, home, and self. As I continue to see how this works I may expand the number of areas to make sure I’m growing as I need to be. 

1. Family Goal – Spring break trip

Spring break is on the horizon and we are planning a short trip to a local destination. I’ll have plenty to check off a list before we leave such as making snacks for in the car, packing bags, cleaning up the house, and writing/scheduling some posts so you all aren’t left in the dark! And I look forward to sharing all about our trip when we return. 

2. Home goal – Complete a full month of our new homemaking schedule

Registration for this course opens today! I’ve implemented this schedule into our family’s life for just over a week and have already seen great changes. I have a list for each day set up on my phone so I know what needs to get done and I can easily move days around if something comes up! But a week is such a drop in the bucket of real life that I want to see how it impacts our lives after a full month. I have a feeling I’ll still be singing it’s praises come April. 

3. Self goal – More fruits & veggies

Please tell me I’m not the only one guilty of this: We buy fruits and veggies. I make sure the kids are eating a variety during the week. But I hold off in order to make sure that there is enough for all of them! Um, what? It’s the whole “mom sacrifices for the good of the family” thing only I’m not sacrificing my time or my energy I’m sacrificing my health! The wellness of my body! I know we have the room in our grocery budget, especially by buying in season produce and frozen items for those not in season. I really enjoy fruits and veggies so there is no reason to not keep plenty on hand. 

I look forward to sharing how these goals went at the end of the month!


What are your goals for March?

How do you make sure you are eating enough fruits and veggies each day? Do you have a favorite way to eat fruits and veggies?


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