Create an atmosphere of joy with your decor

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I’m not interior decorator by any means. I think I’ve commented before on our style as mostly LEGO mixed with dirty socks! But dirty socks do not create an atmosphere of joy, in fact they probably detract from it.  I’ve discovered, though, that having decor items in our house that we love and that speak God’s truth can help point us back to the reason we have joy in the first place! 

I’ve made my own pieces in the past and while I love stretching my creative muscles it’s not always in the cards to be creative. Time and space constraints tend to put a damper on my creativity so instead I look for ready made pieces to add joy to our home. 

I found this plank wall art piece at DaySpring and fell in love instantly. This is one of my favorite hymns and get chills whenever I hear a powerful singer take it on. We can be at peace no matter what, whether we are experiencing great things or hardships, because we have Jesus. 

This is a beautiful and simple piece to add to your home. The wood is rustic and unfinished but the painting is simply gorgeous. I look forward to seeing this every day on my way to the laundry room among the photos of friends and family to remind me just how well with my soul it all is. 

The It Is Well With My Soul Plank Wall Art can be found at DaySpring.

There are so many beautiful pieces available to add joy in your home. They would all make great options for a family Easter basket or for Mother’s Day if you are planning ahead.

It Is Well with My Soul – Plank Wall Art

The Old Rugged Cross – Wall Art

Fill your home with items that point you to the joy we have in Christ and remind all who enter that it is Him you and your family will serve. Place the truth around your home so no matter where you go you are pointed to the One that redeemed us all. 


What is your favorite piece of home decor and why? Do you use your decor to spark joy in your home? 


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