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 candy free easter basket ideas

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Easter is right around the corner (April 16th!) and if you are like me you are racking your brain to come up with some fun Easter basket fillers for your family. I refuse to let Easter turn into Christmas 2.0 but I want to give the kids a little something fun because I love giving gifts! 

Browsing the Easter section of stores I’ve noticed LOTS of silly little gifts that will get played with a time or two and then forgotten. We’ve done those gifts. We’ve donated dozens of those gifts over the years when they’ve become clutter under the bed, on top of the dressers, and in the toy box. We are done giving those types of gifts and have instead moved on to basket fillers that won’t lose their excitement before all the candy gets eaten. 

Little kid basket fillers

1. Sunglasses

 What to put in easter baskets

My little guys go absolutely nuts for our sunglasses! We found them some super cute glasses last year and they love wearing them like the big people in their lives. 

2. Sidewalk chalk

Easter is the perfect chance to refill all those used up summer items and what kid doesn’t love chalk!?

3. Bubbles

Bubbles are a win no matter the age but these little ones really go crazy for constant bubble chasing. Maybe a bubble blower to save your own lungs? 

4. Bath Items

 Non-candy Easter Basket Fillers

New toys, bath paint, bubble bath, or even their favorite character on soap is a great addition to a basket. 

5. Swimsuits

 Easter Basket Fillers

Summer is right around the corner (maybe the temps are already there for you?) so snag your little one a new suit and get them ready to make a splash!

6. Books

There are some great Easter books out there that can help teach your kids the real reason we celebrate Easter. A favorite in our house is What is Easter? The big kids still enjoy hearing it! 

7. Fun Cups & Straws

My kids go NUTS for the “fun” cups and straws in our house. Of course there are only a couple in our cupboards which makes them extra special. Drinking their milk is that much more fun when watching it go through a few loopty-loops. 


Big kid basket fillers

1. Mini LEGO sets

Being the LEGO lovers that we are I clearly can’t leave this off the list! There are a large variety of sets available for under $10 which makes them perfect for an Easter basket. 

2. Books

 Easter basket ideas no candy

Introducing new reading material is perfect at Easter! You can add to a series they already love, find a stand alone story, or introduce a new series! Or perhaps you want to gift your child their own devotional or children’s Bible. 

3. Arts & craft supplies

 Easter basket fillers

Drawing or painting items, craft kits, sewing projects, or paper craft supplies are all perfect for putting in a basket. Does your little Picasso need new paintbrushes or perhaps a refill of stickers and fun pens? 

4. Card games

It’s hard to go wrong with a game for kids. Keep it classic with Uno or Phase 10 or check out new options like The Game of Things or In a Pickle. 

5. Outdoor toys

I’m not talking about big outdoor toys that cost an arm and a leg or take up a bunch of space. I’m talking about things like jump ropes, balls, kites, and flying discs

6. KiwiCo subscription

Have you heard of KiwiCo? They offer a monthly delivery of a hands on activity to teach STEAM ideas. The projects change each month and you can choose how long your subscription lasts! Even just one month could be a great learning opportunity and change up from the  the normal gifts your child receives. Plus it comes in the mail just for them! There are specific boxes for various ages so choose the correct age and let the fun begin. You can also get 30% off your first month’s subscription by clicking the image above. 

 What to put in easter baskets

 Teenager basket fillers

1. Journal

This may play more toward the girls but I think any age and gender can benefit from having a place to keep their thoughts. You could include some great pens or pencils as well. 

2. Gift cards (ice cream, pizza, iTunes, etc)

 Perfect Easter Basket Fillers

What teen doesn’t want money in some form? Give them a chance to splurge with their friends without dipping into their own pocket… just this once 😉

3. Gas cards

Whether it’s enough to fill their tank or top it off I know any teen would love the chance to not have to pay for their own gas. 

4. Movie tickets

 What to put in Easter Baskets

With so many great movies hitting the big screen these days I know I’d love to have free tickets to use! This was one of my parents’ go-to gifts for us as teens and they rarely lasted long in our wallets. 

5. Books

I can’t push books enough! Teens can sometimes fall away from reading so finding a genre and medium they really enjoy can help them rediscover that spark. Don’t discount magazine subscriptions or comic books either! 

6. Beauty products

Hair products, make up, special soaps, and body sprays are all superb options for some teens. Just make sure you scout out their current selection to buy the brands, colors, and scents they really love. You could even do trial or travel sizes to provide a wider variety of their favorites!

7. Accessories

 Teen Easter Basket Ideas

A new wallet, hair clips, scarf, watch, jewelry, or sunglasses might be just the item your teen has had an eye on and will really appreciate in his or her basket. 


 Adult basket fillers

1. Coffee gift cards

 adult easter basket ideas

I’m definitely on the “I run on coffee and Jesus” bandwagon. I rarely splurge for coffee shop coffee so having the funds set aside is a great treat. 

2. Books

 Adult Easter Basket ideas

More books! I don’t buy many books these days because I adore the library but there are some books that I will read over and over and enjoy having them in my collection. Is there a book on that certain someone’s wishlist that could be a basket filler? 

3. Beauty products

 easter basket ideas for men

Just like with teens there are oodles of options here. Take a gander at the person’s hair products, make up, body spray, and other beauty products to find out what they love and need a possible refill of right now. 

4. Media gift cards (Netflix, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video, etc)

A free month of Netflix? Yes please! Or perhaps rent a movie using one of the many streaming services out there like iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon Video


What are your favorite things to put in Easter Baskets? 


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