Morning work, Duplo towers, and donut day – 7 things that brought me joy this week

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Every week I like to take a moment to showcase the moments that brought me the most joy. Sometimes they are awesome activities and other times it’s a sweet moment between the kids. There are always moments that can fill us with joy if we choose to see them with a thankful heart.

It was my first full week implementing the schedule I came up with from the Home Management How-To course and I’m happy to report it is still working well for us. I knew exactly what I needed to accomplish each day which meant everything seemed to go a little smoother. The little kids are getting in on the routine by helping me with tasks during the day and this week then even fought over who got to vacuum. Of course then I discovered our broken vacuum so no one got to but that’s beside the point – they want to help!


1. Morning work

Monday is our new dedicated office day. I’ve decided this means it’s my chance to dedicate time to working with Mercedes on her reading and writing her letters. As time goes by I’ll start including the little guys more but for now they are spending the time coloring. Anders spent nearly two hours coloring on Monday! 


2. Building Duplo towers

The little guys have been building like crazy these days! Cade’s favorite is to build towers as tall as possible. He is awesome at building them but gets quite upset very quickly when they won’t stay together. I’m trying to teach him that they would be stronger with larger blocks but he insists on using the little ones. Ah well. It’s still wonderful to see his skills emerging. 


3. Celebrating naps

Okay, that’s not why I made cupcakes (they were left from Mercedes birthday) but I was totally okay with saying we were celebrating naps… because NAPS. These two refused to nap for over a week. They stayed up and not only partied but caused some major trouble in their room. We decided to add a second set of room darkening curtains (apparently lighter colored ones are not as effective) to make it seem like night in their room and bam, they started napping again. Hallelujah! Dark colored room darkening shades and lots of prayer for the win! 


4. Goodnight Moon

I’m so, so, so glad I caught this moment of Cade “reading” Goodnight Moon. It’s one of his favorite books and clearly we’ve read it a lot. It’s moments like this when I’m incredibly thankful for technology at our fingertips so these moments aren’t lost with time. Plus I was able to share it with Micah after work so he got to enjoy it as well. 


5. Cuddles with Grammy

I don’t think I need to say much about the reasons this moment brought me so much joy. Our kids have some pretty fantastic grandparents and this right here shows how much our kids love them right back. 


6. Donut day

Is there anything bad about donuts for breakfast? I didn’t think so. We hit up our favorite donut shop for breakfast on Saturday with Micah’s parents and I’m so glad we got there early. The line was out the door by the time we were finishing. They were delicious as always!


7. Healthy lunch

After indulging for breakfast we hit up the mongolian grill for lunch and I loaded up on veggies. Since one of my goals this month is to eat more fruits and veggies each day this was the perfect chance. It was amazing! Anders kept stealing my baby corn and Cade was picking out beans and pineapple. Um, you have your own food, kids! 


How was your week? Where did you choose joy in the chaos? 


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